"What's a Contest Without Prizes . . . "


I hope everyone has been having an amazing week.  Personally, I've been in New York visiting with my mom all week.  We had a mad flurry of the BIG THREE.  Shopping.  Dining.  Theatre.  But, I'll update you on those in the coming days.

Heading home today - and excited to get a better look at the emails in the "Tartanscotcontest" in-box.  Y'all have been VERY busy getting your homes ready for the holiday season - and I thank those of you who have already send in pictures for the contest.

If you're still waiting - you have until December 16th.  Check HERE for all the detail on how to enter.  And have a look HERE at the exciting panel deciding on our winners.

But, have a look below for the prizes for our contest . . .

For the 1st prize for the Christmas Tree Contest - A beautiful collection of ornaments from Gumps in San Francisco, retail value $125.00.  A charming group of our SF landmarks to enjoy each year . . . 

For the Dining Table Contest - A spectacular serving tray - in ceramic and pewter, from Anthem in San Francisco, retail value $210.00.  Anthem always seems to have the perfect hostess gift - and a marvelous collection of excellent presents for the season.  If you live in the Bay Area - please stop by and have a look.
For your Mantel - the perfect scented candle - from Ralph Lauren.  

And since we seem to be having a large number of entries - I'll offer a Baekgaard Tartan Notepad for second place in each of the three categories.

Keep those pictures coming,


Unknown said…
Is there actually anything they DONT do in tartan. Love the serving tray :)
vignette design said…
Hmmmm, I am loving the Ralph Lauren candle. Gorgeous! Hopefully, I'll get my decorating done this weekend and enter the contest.
I just wrote a post on tartan plaid. Hope you don't mind, but just HAD to sneak in your "Tartan and Toddies" video. It is wonderful!
Anonymous said…
I have the candle I ordered when buying his Equestrian Braid bar tools. But I have to have the serving tray. I collect pewter and ceramic pieces. This will go with my W-S ceramic & pewter canister set. Thanks for posting!

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