31 December, 2013

"A Toast to the New Year . . . "


Just raising a cyber-glass to toast the beginning of an amazing year.  Here's to friends.  Here's to family.  Here's to success.  Here's to discovering whatever 2014 has in store for us.


(photos by Tinywater Photography for Rue Magazine)

30 December, 2013

"2014 Design Trends in WSJ . . . "


As is often the custom, the new year brings up the conversation about what trends we should look forward to - and the ones we clearly look forward to leaving behind.

I had a chat one afternoon a few weeks back with David Keeps (of the Wall Street Journal) about this very topic - and I'm delighted to be part of this particular discussion.

Have a look at let me know your own thoughts about these "ins" and "outs."  Personally, I can't see myself ever leaving behind proper window treatments - or joining in an "upholstered corduroy" movement - but, I always find the dialogue to be interesting.

You can read the whole list HERE.

Excited to hear your feedback -

25 December, 2013

"Have Yourself . . . "


Happy Christmas y'all!


24 December, 2013

"Twas the Night Before . . . "


This is the center aisle of Grace Cathedral in San Francisco.  If you're looking for me in the next few days - you'll most likely find me here.  Up near the front.  On the left hand side  Lessons & Carols service this afternoon - and then midnight service tonight.  Glorious music.  Seriously.

Peace be with you.


23 December, 2013

"Happy Christmas . . . "


Sending grand and jolly Christmas wishes - and I'm looking forward to an amazing 2014.  


(and yes - we were extraordinarily careful during our holiday photo shoot!) 

22 December, 2013

"Breathe. Deeply . . . "


It feels like we've been going at sprint pace since Thanksgiving.  Hell . . . maybe since Halloween.  So before we head into the home stretch here . . . take a moment for a deep, calming breath.  Embrace the joy of the season.  And call your mother.


20 December, 2013

" . . . And the Winners Are . . . "


Well . . . it's been an amazingly fun few weeks here at the office looking at everyone's decorating pictures - but, now it's time to start handing out some prizes . . .

So . . . without much further ado (though, as previously stated in this space, I love a good ado) . . . here are the winners of this year's 4th Annual Tartanscot Holiday Decorating Contest -

" . . . The Front Entry . . . "

First Prize 
Kim Macumber, Massachusetts 
Kim will be receiving a copy of Ronda Carman's new book
"Designers at Home" which features my own home (as well as
members of our panel, Tobi Fairley, Michael Devine, and Brian
Patrick Flynn)

Second Prize
James Phillips, Virginia 
James will we receiving one of these delightful
glass ornaments from Gumps of San Francisco.

" . . . The Tree . . . "

First Prize 
Jean Baird, California 
and Jean will be receiving a "Santa in San Francisco"
ornament from Gumps of SF.

Second Prize
Nicholas Adamko, New Jersy
Nicholas will we receiving one of these delightful
glass ornaments from Gumps of San Francisco.

". . . The Dining Table . . . "

First Prize 
Jeffrey Neve, California 
And Jeffrey will be receiving a marvelous "Partridge in a Pear Tree" pillow from Tobi Fairley Designs!  

Second Prize 
Lori Cropp, Pennsylvania

Lori will we receiving one of these delightful
glass ornaments from Gumps of San Francisco.

" . . . The Holiday Pet . . . " 

First Prize 
Kathy Maness, Georgia
"Skeeter and Murphy" 
Kathy will receiving a Fortuny Dog collar 
from B.Viz Designs.   

Second Prize
Emily Janson, Illinois

Emily will we receiving one of these delightful
glass ornaments from Gumps of San Francisco.

It's been another fun year - and I love seeing all of your creativity.  With almost 250 entries . . . and almost 1000 images . . . I'm overwhelmed by all of your holiday spirit. 


19 December, 2013

"Tune in Tomorrow . . . "


Well . . . we're just about ready to announce the winners in this year's 4th Annual Tartanscot Holiday Decorating Contest.  Right now - everything is in the hands of our noted panel of judges.

Here's a recap of our panel this year . . .

Grant K. Gibson

Patricia Shackelford

Brian Patrick Flynn

Tobi Fairley

Michael Devine

Ronda Rice Carman

You can get more background info on our charming panel - here.

I look forward to seeing all you bat-kids tomorrow.


18 December, 2013

"Q&A with SMW on HB.com . . . "

Photo: Francesco Lagnese, design by Tobi Fairley 


I know we're all still the midst of our hectic holiday celebrating - but, I'm delighted to announce a new column at HouseBeautiful.com - where I'll be answering reader's questions each week.  You can check in on House Beautiful's Facebook page to leave a design question for me - and we'll keep answering them each Wednesday.

Today - we're chatting about the sometimes difficult world of lighting - and recessed lighting in particular.

A special thanks to Tobi Fairley - for the perfect image to represent our discussion!


17 December, 2013

"A Four-Footed Holiday . . . "

(Jennifer Koehl, Minnesota) 

Let's have a little four-footed fun this afternoon . . . with a few of the many entries in the "Holiday Pet" category from the contest.

Be sure to check back on Friday to find out the winners!

Enjoy . . . .

(Mary Ann Odom, Texas) 

(Gary Pitcock, Connecticut) 

"Gracie and Indie"
(Marine Linard-Roy, Florida_

(Pam Zundel, Colorado) 

"Miss Lucy"
(Holly Kerr, Georgia) 

"Julia and Simone"
(Mimi Spiering, California) 

(Becky Dollarhide, Texas) 

16 December, 2013

"A Forest of Trees . . . "

Amy Atkins, California

We had almost 250 entries in our fourth annual Tartanscot Holiday Decorating Contest.  Lordy, y'all were busy.  We closed out the entries around midnight on Saturday . . . and things are now in the hands of our judges.  But, whilst they are deliberating - I'll continue to share images from the contest.

If you need a break from your busy Monday - take a look at these beautiful homes - and these creative Christmas trees . . . .

Emily Janson, Illinois 

Cosmo and Beatrice Terrigno, New Jersey

Daphne Davis, Arizona

Becky Dollarhide, Texas

Carmen Mureddu, South Carolina 

Jean Baird, California 

Marlene Wilson, Illinois 

Sean Farmer & Charlie Bradshaw, Georgia 

Roxanne Packham, California 

Anne Davis, New York 
This was one of my favourites!  Anne said that her cats would endlessly attacked the Christmas tree . . .
 so she just used a tomato cage as a form - and build one outside on the balcony of her tiny NY studio.  Love! 

Keep checking in all week for more entries - and remember  . . . we'll announce the winners on Friday!!

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