"A Highland Christmas . . . "

Your Hosts . . .
Me and Drew, in our tartan finery.


Just wanted to share a few pictures from the small cocktail party here at the house Saturday night.  It seems like there is almost no end to the entertaining going on for the holiday season this year.  I'm seeing my slightly over-booked calendar as a good sign for the new year.

Though it was a slightly crazy day (landing on the red-eye from NY at 1am Saturday morning, and hosting a party 19 hours later), having the house filled with holiday spirit was the best antidote to my exhaustion.

The Spread . . .
Instead of passed appetizers, we decided to do a buffet this year.  Sliced Prime Rib.  
Twice-baked Potatoes with cheese and bacon.  Southern cornbread with herb butter.
Sliced ham and blue cheese with a fig glaze.
And a swarm of holiday cookies for dessert.

A better image of the food.  And the four foot long vintage breadboard that 
I bought months ago at the flea market certainly came in handy.  

But easily, the best part of the evening - great friends.  

The boys and their kilts.



Unknown said…
Thast one hell of a spread
Splendid Sass said…
Beautiful, Scot. I am NOW starving. Outrageously gorgeous as usual!
Vickie H. said…
WOW! It looks so beautiful and the food was obviously DIVINE!!!! That is one guest list I would have loved to have made!!! Alas! too much of a commute from Dallas!
Happy Holidays, Scot!!! You have me standing on my head for tartan!!!
La Dolfina said…
Wow... throwing a party straight off the red-eye!!! Very impressive!
Looked like a great time was had by all. Absolutely love your 4ft. vintage breadboard. Major score!!
Everything looks wonderful!!
Erik Perez said…
wow, seems like it was a fabulous evening!!
Mrs. Blandings said…
Beyond gorgeous. And I can't take my eyes off of your friend's pearl and jade necklace. Visions of sugarplums....
Madina Aryeh said…
Love, love the table setting, Scot!
Unknown said…
Oh my goodness, you're making me soooooo hungry! My mouth started watering reading that menu...sounds much better than a bunch of snobby tiny appetizers! And I love your tartan chairs...so beautiful!

Happy holidays!
The French Mouse
Unknown said…
Thanks for posting the pics! It was a wonderful evening, indeed.
Unknown said…
Verra bonnie!
Looks like a fun party and a great spread. Southern cornbread with herb butter & Twice-baked Potatoes sounds yummy. Great use of the breadboard.
I love seeing the tartan on the guests, too. Cool!
Oh my, supremely gorgeous...all of it!! Everyone looks so elegant and festive. Love your menu too!

From me to You - The Cherry on Top Award. You´ll find it on my blog.
All the best!
Julio Muao said…
Now this is one stylish and festive celebration! I love every detail. You are such an inspiration Scot! Thank you for sharing and happy holidays.
Ms. Smart said…
splendid. nice touch. love the tartaness of it all. food looked wonderful. cheers!
katiedid said…
Beautiful, beautiful party Scot! I am so sorry to have missed it! I hope a wonderful time was had by all.
lindaraxa said…
While everybody else is looking at the layout and the guests, I am marveling at the beautiful plates...to die for!
Looks like a great time was had by all...food looks delicious, guests are all dressed up, the decorations are beautiful and two handsome hosts...you should bottle it and sell it
Unknown said…
I just love the holidays, food, friends, smiles and everyone dressed up and fully engaged in enjoying the moment.

Claudia Juestel said…
Thank you Scot for including me in such an elegant affair at your beautiful home.


Unknown said…
Amazing and loving the black tie for a Christmas party...or actually the plaid & tartan tie. How fab! The table looks decadent and wonderful too. You are my entertaining hero.
Renae Moore said…
What a lovely party! Love your table and the food all looked so yummy!
Merry Christmas!
Dumbwit Tellher said…
Scot you know how to host one amazing Highland fling! My husband would of fit right in wearing his Royal Stewart kilt.

I loved your photos & all the fun!
I'm your Newest FOLLOWER... Tartan is a part of MY daily life SO when I discovered your wonderful blog, "I'm staying"!!! I hope you will come over and adventure around mine also @ http://conghailecottage.blogspot.com/2010/12/christmas-in-connecticut.html
LOVE your Christmas Table, it's SO warm and inviiting..."Just PERFECT"!!!

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