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06 January, 2012

"The Boy's Room . . . "

Terrie Hall, Colorado


I hope everyone had an amazing new year's celebration.  We were up in Lake Tahoe for a few days enjoying the beautiful scenery (but, lacking any form of snowfall this year . . . yikes!).  But, now - safely tucked back into the office - and making plans for a great 2012.

The new year is a great time to make some updates to the house.  With all the holiday decorations coming down - it's easy to see the house with a fresh eye and with a new perspective . . . and as I noted on facebook the other day - "The removal of the 90 odd feet of garland from the drawing room REALLY kinda opens the space up!"

But with the front rooms done - this weekend - I think I'm gonna tackle some updates on my bathroom.  Maybe rehang a few pieces of artwork.  An inventory of the medicine cabinet.  And it's always a good time to order fresh set of new monogrammed towels.

So . . . if you're in the same kinda mood . . . here's some inspiration . . .

Dransfield and Ross, for Elle Decor
(photography by Simon Upton)

Michael Smith, for Elle Decor
(photography by Simon Upton)

John Jacob Interiors, South Africa

SMW Design, Lake Tahoe
(photography by Eric Hooten)
Barry Dixon, for House Beautiful
(photography by Jonny Valiant)

Joe Nye, for House Beautiful
(photography by Roger Davies)

Glen Feshie, Scotland.  Design by Denton/Gardener.

From Here.

SMW Design, San Francisco
(photography by Nicolas Smith)

John Jacob Interiors, South Africa

10 November, 2011

"Falling . . . "


Before we fall headlong into the frantic pace of the holiday season (and I'm including Thanksgiving in that list of holidays!) - I could really use a moment of rest and introspection.  I know that personally, I'm still organizing my plans for the next few weeks.  What parties am I going to?  What parties am I hosting?  Can I squeeze a quick trip to NY in there somewhere?  And if so, what am I going to pack for such an exciting, last-minute adventure?

So as a flurry of question marks seem to spin about me - there's always the respite - and the solace - of great design and impeccable style.




Aged Leathers.  





Inspirations . . . 

SMW Design, my bedroom from years gone by . . .
(photography by Nicolas Smith)

SMW Design, my drawing room - dressed for holiday a few years back . . .
(photography by Nicolas Smith)

One of my favourite rooms, from Barry Dixon

Scotland, a perennial inspiration . . . 

Alessandra Branca, for Elle Decor (photography by Joshua McHugh)

Also from Alessandra Branca . . . 

SMW Design, a small corner of 'the study' . . . 

Oh, to be in New York right damn now . . . 

SMW Design, the living room - overlooking the San Francisco Bay at night . . . 
from Eric Cohler . . . one of my favourite images of his work

Or maybe something a bit more quiet . . . 


28 March, 2011

"Keep Calm and Free Associate . . . "

The couch of Sigmund Freud


Get comfortable on the little sofa.

Clear your mind.  

Just let it wander.  

And for heaven's sake . . . 
Stay calm. 

Jonathan Berger, for House Beautiful
(photo credit - Francesco Lagnese)

Mary Douglas Drysdale, Washington D.C.

Miles Redd, for Elle Decor 
(photo credit - Simon Upton)
Roger Banks-Pye, from Inspirational Interiors

Windsor Smith, from House Beautiful
(photo credit - Victoria Pearson)

SMW Design, Nob Hill Residence
(photo credit - Nicolas Smith)

Tobi Fairley Deisgn, for House Beautiful
(photo credit - Francesco Lagnese)

SMW Design, Presidio Heights Residence 
(photo credit - Nicolas Smith)

Barry Darr Dixon

SMW Design, Four Seasons San Francisco

That will be $300 dollars please.
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