29 December, 2008

"Let's start at the very beginning . . . "

Greetings and salutations for the new year,

The week separating Christmas and New Year's is always a good time to re-consider one's home. Depending upon one's rituals, the holiday decorations start coming down anywhere between the day after Christmas (on December 26th) to the first day of Epiphany (on January 6th.) Personally, my holidays go up early and come down right after Christmas . . . but what is next . . .

Often, my home seems to breathe a sigh of relief once the holiday decorations are swept away and I have a chance to see my home in its "natural habitat" once again. It's a new beginning for me and opportunity to start with a clean slate as January approaches. I always seem to crave simplicity. less 'stuff.' better meals. a more intentional way of living.

I found the images whilst sorting through some old copies of House Beautiful. The article featured a house by the Italian designer Paolo Moschino and explored the fresh start that the new year brings and how that new beginning can express itself in design. I love the cozy warmth and clean, simple colour story.

Best wishes for an amazing 2009,

27 December, 2008

"At Home . . . . "

I'm so please to have my residence featured in the San Francisco Examiner's "At Home" series by Karen Palmer. It was a fun day of exploring through my home and discussing design and gracious living.

click here for the complete article.

25 December, 2008

Happy Christmas !

I hope the season finds you surrounded by great friends, and that the new year is filled with joy and possibilities.

Season's Greetings,

24 December, 2008

"oh, to be in England . . ."

Greetings faithful reader,

For the last few years, I've been lucky to spend my holiday season in London reveling in the joys of antique shopping, live theatre, and my favourite Christmas music. This year I'm going to be staying in San Francisco, but wanted to share a most special moment.

The clip is from King's College Cambridge . . . and is the traditional opening to the "Lessens and Carols" service on Christmas Eve with a single boy soprano singing the opening line of the carol and the choir and congregation joining on successive verses. For me, the sound resonates my love of singing, my love of architecture, and my love of the holidays.

I hope you have a happy Christmas,

21 December, 2008

Toiling madly . . . .

Greetings faithful reader,

Just working from home this evening trying to get the website updated with my recently completed projects from 2008. It never ceases to amaze me that I can fret and worry over each image and scrap of text, only to find a misspelled word or grammatical error only seconds after completing an update. After several days (and various proof-readers), I think I'm safe to post some new interior project and parties.

The other exciting news is that there should be some great press coverage my own home in next weekend's newspaper. It's part of an ongoing series examining how designers live and design in their own homes. I'm post the link once it's up. I've also been booked to appear in mid-January on a local television program to discuss my recent participation in the 2008 Dining by Design project.

Best wishes for an amazing holiday season
and Happy Christmas,


09 December, 2008

Musings on the holidays . . .


I've always been a huge fan of decorating for the holiday season . . . but oddly, not for reasons that have to do with the desire to re-live some obscure childhood memory. My early upbringing was a succession of 2 to 4 year postings with my military family (there's wasn't much of the traditional holiday in Southern California, and even less so in South Korea....lol). I've often wondered about the genesis of my almost giddy reaction to a masses of cut greenery or my delight at simple white tree lights. Luckily, the design business is always slower for me in the month of December and I can busy myself (and my business) with decorating for clients (and myself).

I was working on a holiday installation this afternoon, and was amazed at how 'content' I was just designing and assembling garlands and wreathes for 5 hours. There is just something 'magical' (a word I often like to use when describing any of my holiday installations) seeing a simple domestic space transformed into the place where new holiday memories are begun . . . seeing the rooms where people will gather to celebrate their friendship . . . knowing that families will en-circle a beautifully designed table and share a holiday feast . . . .

Just some thoughts on a quiet Tuesday night, whilst there are still pine needles in my hair and tree sap under my nails . . . . ahhhhhhhhhhh.

always searching for joy,

04 December, 2008

"It's beginning to look . . . . " part 1.

Holiday greetings,

Just wanted to share some 'in-progress' images from a flurry of holiday installations from the past few days. I'm going to attack the decorating of my own place in earnest this evening.

Covered in pine needles,
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