27 January, 2013

"Sunday Runway - White. Shirt . . . "


So often we over-complicate our own lives and our own wardrobes . . . when sometimes . . . it's just this easy.

Lapo Elkann

Daniel Craig

Model Douglas Pickett 

Paul Newman

Van, from Necessary and Proper

Photographer Douglas Friedman 

from Brideshead Revisited

Model Aiden Shaw


Actor, Alexander Skarsgard 

Paul Newman

Derrick Miller, of Barker Black

23 January, 2013

"To & From . . . ."


Simply delighted to be included as one of your Valentine's Day "gift gurus" in the newest edition of "To & From" magazine.  As you begin the Valentine's Day shopping for your own sweetheart - here's a absolute parade of ideas and tips.

Look for me on page 98.


21 January, 2013

"It's Not You. It's Me . . . "

"It's not you.  It's me."


We met over 4 years ago.  And began our amazing relationship.  We've partied together.  Wept together.  And celebrated various successes along the way.

And then suddenly . . . there just seemed to be nothing but silence from this end.  Maybe you're checking back regularly to see if I've posted anything . . .

But, nothing new.


But . . . let me assure you . . . it's not you.  It's me.

The new year has dawned for me with an absolute parade of new business opportunities and some very short deadlines.

So please forgive the last few weeks of quiet here on the blog.  There's TONS going on . . . and I'll get y'all updated as soon as things settle down a bit.


05 January, 2013

"Meanwhile . . . Back at the Abbey . . . "


Seriously . . . I'm SO excited for tomorrow night - and the new season of Downton Abbey.  I'm fairly shocked by the fact that I know so little of the plot for this season - considering that it aired in the UK last fall.  Oh, and as a cautionary tale . . . don't do a google image search using the term "Downton Abbey Season 3."  It's kind of a parade of visual spoilers . . . lol.  You've never seen someone slam his finger down on the delete button harder and faster.

Eh, live and learn.  And the above image is from season 2 . . . so, I'm not giving anything away by showing you how beautiful Michelle Dockery looks in shooting tweeds.  Don't fret.

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