28 September, 2010

"And the Oscar goes to . . . "


Well, I'm sure if you've been shopping on Madison Avenue any time in the last few months - or read more that one blog posting in the last 60 days - you're most like aware that Oscar de la Renta has launched a new collection of textiles with Lee Jofa.  And to celebrate and publicize the new fabric line - a collection of skirts were made from a small selection of the textiles.

Seriously beautiful.  

Seriously dreamy.

Seriously couture.  

And NOW, they're being auctioned off for charity!  With all proceeds going to Casa del Niño.
"Founded in 1982 by Ziomara Menendez and Oscar de la Renta, Casa del Nino is regarded as the most complete project of child assistance in the Dominican Republic, and is considered to be a model of efficiency and quality care. At Casa del Nino every child receives food, full dental and medical care, and vocational training for the age appropriate - all in hopes of a better tomorrow for the youth of the community.  Today, this worthwhile organization cares for more than 14500 children, from newborns to young adults. "

"Custom designs created by Oscar de la Renta for the launch of his exclusive collections of fabrics with Lee Jofa will be auctioned for charity. The items were created by hand in the atelier of Mr. de la Renta, and feature the hallmarks of his superb quality and workmanship.

Each skirt is fully lined, women's designer size 4, and created from fabrics from Oscar de la Renta's Home collection. There are nine floor length skirts and one caftan made from various patterns from Mr. de la Renta's collection. Each item is exquisite and a one of a kind collector's item. Bidding will be hosted online from September 7, 2010 through November 30, 2010 at biddingforgood.com with an opening bid of $750 for each item."

To see the complete collection, and to get involved with the bidding - go to biddingforgood.com - and see which one might be perfect first those upcoming holiday parties.  Remember, it's only 88 days until Christmas!

Which one is YOUR favourite?

PS. and seriously, if anyone from my little blogging world bids on and ends up WINNING one of these beautiful pieces - you HAVE to let me know - and pictures WILL be posted here.  lol.

26 September, 2010

"Weekend in Scotland . . . "


Just a little something lush and romantic for your weekend pleasure.  Castle Forter in Perthshire (North of Edinburgh) is a excellent example of Scotch Baronial design - and also a stunning example of the work of London interior designer Katharine Pooley.

Enjoy . . .

Originally built in 1560, Forter Castle lay as a ruin for over 300 years before being restored in 1980. Katharine took on the challenge of decorating and designing this exceptionally beautiful, historic castle in a style which would successfully combine the demands of contemporary living and entertaining, but not detract from the heritage of the building. 

Thank heavens I've found my passport - who wants to join me,

25 September, 2010

"One For the Money, Two for the . . . "


Let's hop back on the "Love Letters" Express . . . and continue are little trip through the alphabet of all the things I love.

And let me tell you.  I.  Love.  Shopping.  Both the strategic 'I need to find this specific thing in the next 10 minutes' kinda shopping, and the more general (and somewhat less cardio-centric) 'I've got all day to wander and shop' kinda shopping.

As I've said on several occasions, I firmly believe that there is a shopping gene.  And I know that I came by this genetically from my mother's side of the family.  I think I've been out for a good long shop with almost every relative on the Willis and Meacham side of the family.  We also all seem to genetically have very tiny wrists.  I've always wondered if there is any connection there . . . lol.

So for shopping - and appropriately on a weekend - "O' is for . . . 

Every weekend a collection of online tag sales -
featuring items from the homes of an amazing collection of
some of our most important designers. 
This weekend with Madeline Stuart and Steven Sclaroff.

Happy shopping,

"Prepared to Launch . . . "

Crystal Gentilello, Anne Sage, Caitlin Flemming, and Alaina Kaczmarski
of Rue Magazine


For those of you who thought maybe you'd missed something - yes - I was in New York for about 26 hours the first of this week.  I had a quick client meeting Monday morning . . . and then the great pleasure of attending the launch party for the premier issue of Rue Magazine later that evening.

But, let's start at the very beginning . . . 

After landing Monday morning from the red-eye - and after a quick meeting - I was fortunate to run into Jonathan Legate whilst shopping my way down Madison Ave.  We'd planned to connect later in the day - but, realized we were just 6 blocks apart - so ended up window shopping together for most of the afternoon.

Then Jonathan and I met up with Maybelline Te for a quick drink at Campbell Apartment in Grand Central Station.  

Such an amazing location.

Jonathan and me, waiting for the subway.

And then, there was the party.


It was like being dropped into the middle of social media heaven.  There was such an amazing energy in the room.  Bloggers and designers from around the country.  And endless conversations beginning with "it feels like I've already met you!"  

Eddie Ross, with Crystal Gentilello (Rue's Editor in Chief), and Anne Sage (Rue's Executive Editor)

Vicente Wolf with Crystal
(Vicente has a wonderful profile in Rue's first issue)

And more shots of the crowd. 

And then - after a busy day - and despite several invitations to dinner - I finally admitted exhaustion.
and quiet stroll back up Lexington to my hotel - and I was planted in the comfy bed within 13 minutes of getting to my room.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz . . . .  

With one other meeting Tuesday morning - and then a quick trip around Central Park - then off to the airport.  

Just another of tartanscot's 'adventures,'

(images pulled from Coco+Kelly, Design Calendar, and from my own Canon camera)

18 September, 2010

"Joe Nye . . . "


Well the weekend is upon us once again - and blessedly a couple of days away from the office and some time to relax and enjoy time with friends - and another Sunday morning at the flea market - and some time to peruse the sales at One Kings Lane - and a few moments to revel in the fantastic designs of the fantastic Joe Nye.

Now when I started working on the "Love Letters" series - my plan was not to include any specific designers.  But HOW could I let the letter "n" pass by without highlighting Joe's beautiful work.

I love his great flair with colour.  
And his pitch-perfect ability for mixing styles and patterns.

Wow.  Seriously.
(image from Joe's amazing new book, "Flair")

And a few more shots from "Flair."

A few images of Joe's home in Los Angeles - from House Beautiful.

And his wonderful work at the Kip's Bay Showhouse last year.
(from Elle Decor)

Something a little more rustic - 
from the pages of House Beautiful

From the same project -

"And the curtains are positively some of the most beautiful you've 
ever seen," Nye says. "They're a parachute-weight taffeta, with 
a luscious crunchy-soft look." 

And. frankly, anyone who keeps a few pieces of tartanware displayed in 
their home is clearly alright with me - lol !

If you haven't ordered Joe's book - it is just marvelous.
GREAT photography - and great entertaining advice.

Cheers - and best wishes for a great weekend,

17 September, 2010

"Hey Y'all . . . "


Well - there might need to be spankings in order here.  I've been a bad, bad blogger as of late.  Life's been great - but, the time and creativity that I'm usually invest here - has been spent getting several clients ready for parties this week.  (ps.  if you ever REALLY need to get things done at your house - send out invitations for a dinner party.  Or even better - host a wedding at your home.  I'm telling ya - stuff get done.)

And we'll get back to the alphabet tomorrow . . . but, I kinda wanted to touch base and confirm that I'm still amongst the land of the living.

But - there have been several things happening in the last few days that I wanted to share so - in no particular order . . . 

Rue Magazine.  Premier issue went live yesterday.  And I'm truly impressed.  A great mix of styles.  A virtual who's who of online personalities.  Fashion.  Shopping.  Parties.  

Also LOVED seeing the Spring 2011 Line from Ralph Lauren yesterday.
Beautiful silhouettes.  Wonderful fabrics.  Great style.

And - when all else fails - one can always peruse through the 
Spring 2011 men's line from Michael Bastian.  

We'll be back with "N" tomorrow - and will feature one of the only two designers in the mix.  

Off to work,

10 September, 2010

"A Little Madness Now and Then . . . "


Well, it's been one of my traditional busy, busy, busy weeks here at the office - and I apologize for going somewhat 'radio-silent' these last few days.  Working on a little something that's going to be quite exciting - when, and if, it all comes together.  I'll keep y'all informed as thing start coming together.

But, despite my last posting (which was about being 'lazy'), I'm back in the saddle and ready to continue our adventurous tour through the alphabet in the "Love Letters" series.

Now, 'm' was easy.  

It's something that I do every week.  

Sometimes in private.  

Sometimes I even do it in a larger group.  

It's easy to do - but, it DOES take some focus.  

And it seems like it's ALWAYS on my mind.  

And the topic of endless conversation amongst my friends.

"M" is for . . . 

Jon Hamm, as Don Draper.  

I'm not quite sure how many of you are watching this every Sunday night on AMC - but, I almost can't begin to recommend it highly enough.






And easily some of the best writing on television today.

And clearly, some of the best costuming and set design anywhere.  Ever.

A great deal of the stories take place in an advertising agency during the 1960's.  

And revolves around the life of one, Donald Draper (as seen above)
War hero.  Award winning advertising genius.  Cad.  
(and not always what, or who he appears to be)

The delicious Jon Hamm.

And one of my favourite characters, Peggy Olson.
Brought into the agency as a secretary, but clearly capable of SO much more.

Elizabeth Moss, as Peggy Olson.

When the show returned last month - Peggy was almost unrecognizable.  The time-line had skipped forward just over a year - but, Peggy was clearly beginning to come into her own at the agency.  One of the best aspects of the show - is its incredible attention to detail.  And it's been great seeing the great changes in style, fashion, technology, and design over the first few seasons as we've progressed from the early - to now the mid-60's.

Elizabeth Moss

OMG.  And then there's Joan.

Joan Holloway.  Office Manager.  Smart.  No-nonsense.  
and she's curvy too.

When I grow up, I wanna be Joan Holloway.  There, I said it.  

Or maybe I just want to be that confident.  That self-assured.  Maybe even just that SMART.  
You could easily see that if this series took place set in, oh - I don't know, the early 1980's - Joan would be chairman of the board by now.  lol.

Christina Hendricks

The Draper Master Bedroom

But, ok, this is supposed to be a design blog - so we can examine a few shots of the Draper home over the last few years.

One of the many things I love about the show is its intersection with parts of my own life.  If you follow the time line of the show forward - I'm about the same age as the Draper's youngest son Gene.  We were both born in the early 60's.  And seeing his life brings back SO many memories of my own upbringing.  Of my Mom.  And my Dad.  And the way my brother and I dressed for Halloween.  The clothes my Mom would wear to diner parties at the house.  

And a bit more on the design front - The Draper Living Room from the first several seasons . . .

And a screen shot of its new incarnation.  HOW fabulous are those two armchairs?!?!?!?

As a favor to those who might be new to the show and getting ready to start watching - let's keep the spoilers to a minimum in the comments . . . thanks.  I know I like getting my Mad Men fresh.  

Until Sunday night at 10pm,
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