13 December, 2010

"Oh Christmas Trees, Oh Christmas Trees . . . "

Delores Arabian, California

So, how many of you took advantage of the weekend and put your Christmas trees up?  If you're still waiting, I thought I'd share a few of the entries in the "Christmas Tree" category for the Tartanscot Holiday Decorating Contest.

Kelly Farwell, California

Teri Elliott, Kansas
Laura Ritchey, Arkansas 

Carol Brademas, Indiana 

Christian May, California

Remember, there's a beautiful collection of ornaments from Gumps of San Francisco for the best entry!  



D.B. said...

Hey Scot! This is not a contest entry, but I did want you to see the room YOU inspired. My den at the rental ranch was a sad affair and I knew I wanted to paint the walls dark. I had just about settled on charcoal gray when I read about the color you were painting your walls. I went with Polo Blue, a shade darker than yours. Please take a gander....at


It's the post titled Christmas Den

Sorry I don't know how to create a link on a comment page. I am seriously challenged in this area! Merry Christmas!

Linda in AZ * said...

* HOLY GUACAMOLE, LAURIE RITCHEY'S T*W*O TREES are, simply stated, "BEAUUUTIFULLY, saturatedly (is that a word?) STUNNING"!!! I DO believe they should be in a MAGAZINE, they're SOOOO CHARMING!!! And on TOP of THAT, did you know she's one of t*h*e NICEST, most generously KIND bloggers you'll ever meet?

Sincere CONGRATS to alllll contestants on THEIR lovely trees also!

Warmest wishes this wonderous holiday season!
Linda in AZ *

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

I'm voting for the double trees! (Do I get a vote?) What a great concept. The all-white from California is most lovely too.

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

What an honor to see my photo on your blog, among all of these glorious trees. I'm glad I don't have to be a judge. The entries I've seen are wonderful! laurie

YHBHS said...

happy holidays to you!

david john


Oh my! Laura Ritchey's trees and room are just amazing.
I LOVE your blog!

Amy said...

Love your blog..you inspire me.
Thanks for sharing your amazing style with us.

Amy- Southern California

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