19 February, 2014

"Patrick's Note Pad - 'Bobeche' . . . "


Let's take a few moments and pick apart the mechanics of a chandelier.  The word "bobeche" is what we're looking for.

See it there on the left hand side?  It's the little cup at the base of the candle.  It's usefulness is a hold-over from an earlier time when the bobeche would catch dripping wax from the burning candles.  In modern pieces, especially in the crystal fixtures, they are also used to hang decorative prisms.  As a more decorative element, it is also used at the top of the fixture - just below the mounting "hanger loop."

Next stop - home security for the letter "c."


17 February, 2014

"Sunday Runway - Ralph Lauren, Fall 2014 . . . "

(photography by Marcus Tondo)


Yes.  I know it's not Sunday.  But, it's still a holiday weekend . . . so, I'm going to cut myself a little slack on being a wee bit late on this posting.

But, a day late isn't going to do the new collection from Ralph Lauren any harm.  It's miles and miles of classic "Ralph."  It's all incredibly chic, without getting too edgy.  And I'm intrigued to see if anyone of our classically-styled ladies shows up on the Oscar red carpet in that grey beaded gown above?

But - in the meantime - here are a few of my other favourite looks from the show last week in New York -

What's your favourite?


(all photography by Marcus Tondo for style.com)

12 February, 2014

"Patrick's Note Pad - 'Applied Moldings' . . . "

"We used applied moldings to add some needed theatricality to this 24 foot 
tall entry hall in East Hampton."


Alrighty, let's get this thing started.  As promised, we're going to meet here every couple of days and work through some of my favourite (and slightly lesser known) design terms.  Let's start with something fairly straight forward -

Applied Molding - "a molding which is nailed, nailed on, 
or otherwise fastened to the surface rather then cut into solid material."

Applied moldings are, just like the name implies, applied to the wall.  It's much like adding molding frames and railings directly onto the wall creating a geometric pattern either below a chair rail or over the entire expanse of the wall.

Of course, we'll have to slog through a bit of math . . .

But, that time with the calculator will be well rewarded -

In this particular home - we added an applied molding 
treatment over existing grass cloth wallpaper. 

Recessed Panel Wainscoting are slightly different - 
in that the wall is built-up and a recessed panel is created. 
Recessed Panel Wainscoting diagram.

In this space - a gentlemen's library - we use the heartier "Recessed Molding" detail
below the walls upholstered in custom tartan.

Stay tuned for the letter "b" -


10 February, 2014

"Monday Runway - Christian Siriano . . . "


You'll have to indulge me for a day or so here . . . what with Fashion Week in full swing in New York for the next few days - I'm feeling like I can't keep holding off postings until our usual Sundays.  So, it's Monday.  And it's still about fashion.

Now, I'm not anything close to what might be considered a reality television fan.  In fact, I kind of despise it.  There's more than enough un-spupervised actual drama in my day-to-day life . . . thus I've never felt the need to import producer-created drama from the TV.

But . . . somehow . . . I have the most vivid memories of watching Christian Siriano when he was on Project Runway all those years ago.  He was a talent that practically FORCED me not to surf past another Bravo reality show.  I probably only saw the last few episodes of the season - but, he was clearly a force of nature!

That brings up to this weekend.  Though I've seen a few of his designs on the red carpet over the past few years - I'm not sure that I've ever really stopped to consider him as one of the new American designers.  Until I saw his runway show from last week.

This is some good stuff.  Chic.  Stylish.  Theatrical - but, still thoughtful.  And with a very specific point of view.   The guy has a clear future.

Here are a few of my favourites from the show . . .

I'm DYING to know what this is made out of!  It looks like a liquid-metal ball gown! 


09 February, 2014

"Sunday Runway - Michael Bastian, Fall 2014 . . . "

Michael Bastian, Fall 2014


Let's take a quick moment on our Sunday together and have a look at one of my favourite men's runways shows from Fashion Week.  Regular readers will know of my admiration for Michael Bastian - and his amazing men's collections.  And I'm particularly delighted by the show from earlier this week in New York.

Have a look at a few of my favourites . . .

"Michael spent a lot of time in Tokyo last year. 'I've been thinking about 
Japan for a while,' the designer said in his West Side Highway studio a day 
before taking to the runway. More specifically, he'd been thinking about 
how Japanese men—in particular, the editors and buyers who travel to 
Florence's famous Pitti Uomo tradeshow—take Italian, English, 
and American design references to another level. 'They draw from
the best of each culture and make it look even better,' he said. 
'Team Japan is nailing it.'"

Classic.  American. 

An amazing hybrid of classic American yoke-necked sweater -
with the perfect balance of classic samurai-inspired embellishments. 

Ok, seriously.  The "Godzilla Sweater" is EVERYTHING! 

Michael Bastian, at the conclusion of his show! 
What were your favourites?


07 February, 2014

"Meanwhile, Over on Instagram . . . "

SMW - on my way to the office . . . 


I was just looking through my Instagram feed this afternoon . . . and it never fails to delight me when I see how much I love my life . . .

Come . . . let's wander through the last few weeks -

Sometimes it's all about new shoes
(from my ever-beloved Stubbs and Wootton)  

Sometimes it's all about shoes I bought in college.  

And there's clearly been a fair isle / tartan vibe happening -
(out with Drew over the holidays)  

Or visiting at the SF Design Center during Market Week 

There's been some healthy cooking at the house -
(with a completely made-up recipe for pork stew on a damp chilly weekend) 

And the non-ending site visits for current projects at the office
(this was a morning of 'measure twice' with Erik from R&C Draperies)  

There was even a quick trip back to Mississippi
(including a visit to the MSU campus.  Go Bulldawgs!)  

And a trip down memory lane.
With me and my brother at his birthday party.

We've got some great men's fashion coming up for the weekend - and then we dive head-first into "Patrick's Note Pad" next week.


04 February, 2014

"Patrick, Just Take This Pad . . . "


To state that I have always had a mad love affair with the film "Aunie Mame" should really not come as a great shock to anyone around here.  Good heavens, the film is practically "design porn" from beginning to end.  But, this posting is not going to be an essay on Mame's ever-changing aesthetic.  Or the ranking of the numerous styles of her New York apartment.

No.  The inspiration for this little missive comes from a tiny scene in the opening of the film.  Patrick Dennis is submerged into the riot of activity at his aunt's home . . . and quietly asks her about numerous topics of the conversation he's overhearing.  "Patrick, take this pad and write down every word that you don't understand.  And then you can ask your Auntie Mame about them later."

We have some new people here in our office.  I never think that our industry is riddled with odd, obscure words . . . until I see a blank look when I start talking about a specific detail for the project.  We all have to learn about these terms somewhere.

So we're going to start a little series of posts here "Patrick's Note Pad."  Working our way through the alphabet.  And once we're done . . . you'll know all about schluter railings and guard stripes.  Vitrines and DPI.

So swing back by . . . and if needed . . . bring a pad of paper.


03 February, 2014

"Design San Francisco - 2014 . . . "


If you're lucky enough to live in the bay area ( . . . and I say that because we had temperatures in the mid 60's over the weekend and I worked out at the beach in shorts and a t-shirt . . . ), I'll be speaking at this year's Design San Francisco on Friday, the 7th, on the lively topic of textile use in design.  I'm on a panel with Steven Favreau and Kristi Will - all under the leadership of moderator Heidi Gerpheide.

Stop by the Robert Allen showroom at 11:30 next Friday.

See you there -

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