13 February, 2015

"Q&A w/ SMW on HB.com . . . "


I was certainly excited to see the newly designed website at House Beautiful - a much cleaner, more image driven site as compared to their previous one.  I was also delighted to see that they had included a compilation of all of my existing articles.

Take a look -


07 February, 2015

"Masculine Interiors Interview . . . "

Greetings -

Just wanted to share a great introduction to SMW Home - today on Masculine Interiors.

More news from us in the next few days!

Cheers - and hope you're having a great weekend,

04 February, 2015

"Scot Meacham Wood Home . . . "


We always like to start off the new year with somewhat of a BANG around here - so we are excited to announce . . .

Scot Meacham Wood Home.  Coming Fall 2015.

"Acclaimed interior designer Scot Meacham Wood is thrilled to announce the Fall 2015 launch of Scot Meacham Wood Home. SMW Home centers on the textile collection which marks Scot’s evolution from an interior designer into a lifestyle brand influenced by his formative years at Ralph Lauren, the design atelier where he honed his creative talent for thirteen years. While SMW Design will continue to service clients’ interior needs, Scot Meacham Wood Home will serve as a natural extension of Scot’s design aesthetic and personality."

Our new exciting lifestyle brand will include a striking collection of classic and custom designed tartans, a curated selection of antiques, classically designed furniture, as well as home accessories for any stylish abode. 

Bookmark our website - as we will be previewing pieces for the next few months before the official launch of our collection this fall.

Exciting times,

24 December, 2014

"Happy Christmas . . . "


Happy Christmas y'all!  I hope to be 'back in the saddle' over here at tartanscot right after the first of the year!


04 December, 2014

"The Tartan Elephant in the Room . . . "


Those of you who are regular readers have probably noticed a particular silence regarding our regular Holiday Decorating Contest.  A few of you have even emailed me privately to find out what the details are going to be.

Well, the simple truth is I'm not going to be able to host the contest this year.  We've been dealing with an illness and death in my immediate family - and I just don't have the bandwidth to handle the contest this year.

I'm also going to be traveling a good part of December, both on personal and business matters.

Thanks for understanding . . .


30 November, 2014

"Happy St Andrew's Day . . . "


Today is the Feast Day for St. Andrew . . . the patron saint of Scotland.


27 November, 2014

"Happy Thanksgiving . . . "

SMW Design 2011
(images courtesy of Kirsten Clarke Photography)


You have but TWO objectives for the day.

1)  Gratitude.

2)  Pie.

I'm hoping for a healthy serving of each this Thanksgiving weekend!


25 November, 2014

"Inspiration Point - Saturated Colours . . . "


Y'all must know how much I love deep, saturated colours.  This amazing detail image from Gavin Houghton project in Kensington is just beyond delightful.


23 November, 2014

"Sunday Runway - Falling . . . "

Douglas Pickett for Ralph Lauren 2012.


As I said earlier in the week . . . we're going to be a little on the 'short and sweet' side of things whilst I get caught up at the office.

So . . . here's your inspiration for this week.  Let start getting dressed up.  Fall is well upon us (except for your poor folks under 10 feet of snow . . . you look to be well into January weather!).  But, for the rest of you - it's time to break out the flannels!


19 November, 2014

"Inspiration Point - Garland . . . "

Cathy Kincaid Design
(photography by Tria Giovan for Southern Accents) 


It's been a more than slightly hectic couple of weeks around here (a little more on that in a later posting) so, I thought I'd play a bit of catch-up by posting a few of my favourite images (many of which are also posted on my inspiration boards here in the office or on Pinterest and Instagram) as a way of sharing some of our projects!

These are going to be short and sweet - but, hopefully, you'll find some inspiration as well!


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