14 November, 2018

"One Does Not Live by Tartan Alone . . . "


Though I'm clearly more than happy to be known for my endless love of the highlands and the amazing colours and history of their textiles . . . sometimes one likes to vary one's interests.

So with that in mind . . . let me share a few new textiles here at SMW Home

 Enjoy the entire collection of Florals, Toiles, and Botanicals at SMW Home  and let me know which one is YOUR favourite . . . ?


31 October, 2018

" SMW Home - Fine Furniture Collection . . . "


Yes.  I'm still here.  To say that it's been a long, productive year is an almost profound understatement.  Since that last time we chatted, I've been busily creating some new little treasures for SMW Home.  I have a good deal to share - so let's start with something easy.

SMW Home's new Collection of Fine Furniture.

Our classically-styled St. James Armchair could fit beautifully in a living room - or a quiet corner of a bedroom.  And - I'm completely delighted with our new partnership with Dunes & Duchess and our striking Osborne Sconce in Military Red lacquer. 

Our well-known Inverness Sofa in 100% Wool Blackwatch Tartan has been a long-time favourite - but, I love it matched with our Pullman Ottoman in MacLeod Tartan with sassy lucite legs.  

Perfect for the gentleman in your life - or maybe your own reading corner, SMW Home's Albert Reading Chair - shown here in Scudder Tartan.  I'm also so excited about our newest addition to SMW Home's Wallcovering Collection, our oversized Stewart Black Wallpaper.

The Charlotte Settee in Elizabeth Botanical

If you're in the Bay Area - please stop by for a cup of tea and a private tour of our new collection of furniture and accessories.

We've much more to share - so stay tuned for more exciting news.


29 May, 2018

"Run and Rise . . . "


There's just something so emotionally compelling about seeing the geometric excellence of a staircase.  Whether they are gently beckoning us up to the heavens . . . or to descend into the unknown . . .

I must admit that things are the tiniest bit hectic (and by that, I mean spinning wildly out of control. . . lol) over here around at SMW Home.  But, somehow these images of slow, steady movement and clear, pointed progress are helping to calm my nerves.  Of course, the spectacular woodwork and beautiful flooring aren't hurting my mood either.

Stairs demand progress.  One is not allowed to loiter aimlessly. One must proceed boldly into the unknown.  And it does not matter if they are leading upwards and downwards, we are seldom able to see our destination while on the journey.

Polo/Ralph Lauren - New York

The structure and design of stairs are often described, architecturally, by the two words 'run' and 'rise.'  The 'run' being the length of the stair tread . . . and the 'rise' being the height up to the next step.  And often in life, those are our two options.  Either we 'run' - flee the stress . . .

Or we 'rise' to the challenge.  Moving forward.  On to the next adventure.


22 May, 2018

"Blues and Royals . . . "

Prince Harry walked down the aisle in a traditional military uniform of a frockcoat of the Blues and Royals. The ensemble denotes his affinity with and affection for the armed forces, despite retiring from active service in 2015. The outfit consists of a frockcoat in doeskin depicting insignias and braiding that is particular to his regiment, the styles of which reveal that he has been promoted to the rank of major by the Queen. 
The outfit was handcrafted by traditional military tailors Dege & Skinner on Savile Row, who first created the uniform when Prince Harry began active service. The badge on his left chest is the Pilots’ Wings, a nod to his time serving in the Army Air Corps flying Apache helicopters. Speaking exclusively to the Telegraph, managing director William Skinner revealed that the hand crafted uniform took over 100 hours of work, over 65,000 stitches and it took one worker one week just to figurate the lace on the sleeves.  
(from The Telegraph)

The regiment was formed in 1969 from the merger of the Royal House Guards, which was known as "the Blues" or "the Oxford Blues", and the Royal Dragoons, which was known as "the Royals".  Since then, the new regiment has served in Northern Ireland, Germany, and Cyprus. During the Falkland War of 1982, the regiment provided the two armoured reconnaissance troops. The regiment also had a squadron on operational duty with the United Nations in Bosnia in 1994–95. Most recently, the regiment saw action in the Iraq War and the War in Afghanistan.  Both Prince Williams, the Duke of Cambridge, and Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex, joined the regiment as cornets in 2006.

Even young Prince George got to be part of the team!



21 May, 2018

"From This Day Forward . . . "


Like I'm sure a great many of you . . . that alarm went off a bit early on Saturday morning.  But, groggy none the less . . . off I padded to our study to find the best coverage of the latest royal wedding.  

BBC was streaming live . . . and seemed to have the best informed hosts . . . so, that's where I settled in for several hours of gasps, tears, and delight.

The whole event seemed to go off flawlessly. From the delighted faces of the Mulroney twins expertly handling their 'veil-wrangling' duties.  To, what I'm fairly certain, was the first gospel choir to fill the nave at St. Goerge's Chapel.

A few of my favourite photos follow . . .

 One of the official portraits of the bride and groom
with the page boys and bridesmaids. 

 The future King escorting the Mother of the Bride after the service.

I'm gonna REALLY need to step-up my garland game going forward.
THIS was amazing.

At times it almost seemed medieval.

And at other times . . . it was just sexy as hell!

But, this.  THIS was the star of the day.
Doria Ragland, Meghan's mother, was the very definition of
grace and style.  She looked amazing . . . but, she simply
BEAMED with pride at every word, and hymn, and ceremony. 
Well done. 


27 March, 2018

"How To Make an Entrance . . . "


I've always felt that first impression are so profoundly important - and thus always focus our attention on the entryway of a home to create the best impression for the house. The entries to our homes act (and not just metaphorically) as the portal between us and the big bad world waiting just outside our door.  Thus, I find it incredibly important to create something very specific when I'm designing for any one of my clients - or even for myself.  Here are a few things always on my mental checklist as we begin work on a new project . . .   

The Lighting. 
I like using either a pendant fixture or table lamps (and often both!) in the space.  Dimmers are also always vital.  Here in our project in East Hampton, we went for big scale and big drama with this enormous fixture - bringing the eye upwards into the amazing space. 

The Surface. 
I think every entryway requires a simple flat surface as part of the design.  It's just the mechanics of needing a place to drop the incoming mail, your sunglasses, and maybe even your car keys. Here in our Berkeley project, an antique Scottish dresser is the perfect place to drop off as one enters the house. 

The Mirror.
Once you've passed through the entryway, you are out there in the big world. I think it's smart to have one last opportunity to make sure everything is in order, so I always have a mirror right neat the door.  Here in this Pacific Heights project - we went a bit wild and mirrored an entire wall.  

The Seating.  
Depending on the available space, I love placing a small chair or ottoman as part of the entryway's furnishings.  It's just the perfect place to slip shoes on or off - or drop off a shopping bag just inside the door.

The Jewel-Box.
These lovely spaces are the first thing we see upon entering our homes - and the last moment we have before going out into the world.  Let's make them exciting.  Use great wallpaper.  Use beautiful furniture.  Be sure they're functional - and then make them amazing.  And always leave a wee spot for some flowers.  A little container of blossoms always makes the day better.


18 March, 2018

"Sunday Runway - Instagraming . . . "


If you're anything like me - you spend a goodly part of your day surfing the glorious world of Instagram.  So much of the design and fashion worlds are driven by amazing imagery - it's the perfect mix of inspiration and social connection.

So - for a fun Sunday Runway - I thought I'd share a few of my favourite men's fashion instagramers - and encourage you to follow along . . . 

Easily the most charming and eccentric fellow in the bunch.
Zack focuses on period fashion - and rambles all about
England in his perfectly period garb.
Beautiful imagery from a great New York store.
They feature new products and amazing inspirations from
all over the city.

The perfect intersection of classic 'Ivy Style' and nostalgic
New York memories.  It's all about the duffle coat and the
best seats at the tennis match with Bjorn Borg.

I highlighted Sean a few weeks back - but he always deserves
another mention.  His amazing vintage shop in Brooklyn
is endless visual fodder for his insta-feed - and a great
way of shopping his store.

I've known Michael since our days together at Ralph Lauren -
and practically no one was more excited to see his
amazing rise as one of the US's best menswear designers.
This is a perfect sneak peek at upcoming designs - and great
New York life. 

If for some reason you haven't already - give me a follow as
well!  It's a mix of inspirations, design projects, and random 
pictures from my house (#ScenesFromAHouse) most days.
And my shoes.  

Who are some of your favourite Instagram accounts?  Please
leave me a few new ideas in the comments - I always need to
find some new inspirations . . . 

Happy following -

07 March, 2018

"Making Your Mark . . . "


In a world overcrowded with mass-produced merchandise, it's always nice to have a sense of ownership.  A sense of individuality. To be certain that one has 'made ones mark' on the world.  As a Southerner, monogramming has always been the answer when proof of ownership is needed.  The world of monogramming can get a wee bit complicated at times - so here's a wee collection of guidelines to follow . . .

Monogramming for a Lady

"Classic white bathroom towels take on a whole new importance with a wee bit of monogramming.  
This classic black and white master bathroom needed a 
little panache - and custom towels were the perfect answer."
                                                    - Scot Meacham Wood

Monogramming for Gentleman


Personally, I almost always use a 'diamond' monogram for myself.

Monogramming for a Couple

There are always exception to every rule - like creating a monogram for a couple with differing last names.  In our own home, Leontine Linens created this for our bedroom.  Always ask your monogramming shop if they can make something personalized for you.  Customizing the customization is the ultimate in making your mark!

Even the little things can be monogrammed.  La Plates created this custom barware for our showcase house several years ago. 

We love a good monogram around these parts.  SMWHome customizes all manner of items for your home.  Contact as to find out more!


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