03 December, 2019

"SMW Home Holiday Decorating Contest - First Entries . . . "

 Paula Angermeier in South Carolina


The holiday season is off to a rollicking good start with the first entrants to our SMW Home Holiday Decorating Contest.  You can learn how to enter the contest yourself - HERE - and we will continue to post entries over the next few weeks . . . so watch this space for some delightful inspiration!
 Crystal Detamore in Virginia

 Jonathan Tait in Louisiana

 Jonathan Tait in Louisiana

Ok y'all . . . let's keep these entries coming . . .


23 November, 2019

"Introducing the 'SMW Home Holiday Decorating Contest' Celebrity Judges . . . "


Just in case you missed the news earlier in the week - I'm excited to announce that we are bringing the SMW Home Holiday Decorating Contest back by popular demand!  Check HERE for all the details of how to enter the contest in any (or all!) of our three categories; Front Door, Christmas Tree, and Dining Table.  

But, what's a contest without a distinguished panel of celebrity judges . . . so without further ado . . . let's meet the team!

Danielle Rollins  

Danielle Rollins is the burgeoning all-American lifestyle brand created on Danielle’s effortlessly elegant personal style and inherently great taste. As an internationally known tastemaker and trendsetter, interior and clothing designer, author and online influencer, she is recognized for her gracious living and stylish entertaining.  Danielle will bring her glamorous southern style to our panel of judges.

Michael Devine

Michael Devine is a noted textile designer, author of An Invitation to the Garden and lecturer on the l’art de vivre. Since launching his bespoke hand printed fabric collection in 2002, Michael Devine Ltd. has expanded to include hand painted dinnerware, home accessories and interior design.  When Michael is not designing, he can be found pursuing one of his favorite past times gardening, cooking, entertaining friends or dreaming of Paris.  Michael brings a glorious 'old-world' point-of-view to our panel.

Sophie Donelson

Sophie Donelson's work in the publishing field always seeks to celebrate the connection between people and their homes.  She previously served as editor in chief of House Beautiful, America’s longest-published home decor magazine where she inspired a new generation of design lovers to embrace color and happiness at home.  Sophie's clear, editorial eye will be an excellent addition to our panel. 

Shay Geyer

Noted Dallas interior designer Shay Geyer is inspired by fashion, traveling, the arts, family and friends. She approaches each day as a learning opportunity and a way to enrich her life as a designer. Her passion for interiors and interior products makes creating beautiful and luxury spaces for clients her true dream career. Mostly known for her use of color, pattern and texture – clients rave about her ability to transform a house into a welcoming happy home.  Shay's love of color and dramatic spaces will be a welcome addition to our panel.

Benjamin Reynaert

Benjamin Reynaert is currently senior style + market director at Architectural Digest’s AD PRO and continues to hone his passion for storytelling and content packaging strategies across print, digital and social platforms.  Drawing on a decade of experience looking critically at architecture, interiors, bookbinding, fine objects and furniture, Benjamin brings together color, material and decorative elements to make beautiful lasting imagery and spaces.  Benjamin brings his signature New York-style to our panel.

I certainly want to welcome each of our panelist to the contest - and I hope you will follow along (and follow them!) as we celebrate the season!


19 November, 2019

"The SMW Home Holiday Decorating Contest . . . "


Well . . . I am completely excited to announce that 2019 marks the glorious return of the SMW Home "Holiday Decorating Contest!"  We're excited to have you share your gloriously decorated front doors . . . your beautifully detailed holiday tables . . . and gather around your Christmas tree for some much needed fellowship.  

This contest was a much-loved aspect of my holidays a few years back - and I'm excited to have it return.  We'll be sharing images from homes all over the world - if past years are any sort of prognosticator.  So let's get those creative juices going . . .

  Our Three Categories . . .

1)  Christmas Tree (lights. ornaments. creativity)

2)  Dining Room (it's one of the best times of the year to entertain - so let's celebrate your glorious dining table!

3)  Front Door (wreaths and garland and lights, oh my!) 

How to enter . . . 

1)  Decorate your home with joyous abandon and holoday style. 

2)  Take clear digital photos.

3)  Email your images (along with your name and city of residence) to Sales@ScotMeachamWoodHome.com
We will be announcing our glamorous panel of Celebrity Judges in the next few days . . . but, I wanted to give everyone some time to begin plotting your most beautiful holiday ever! 

the small print . . .



Contest begins on Monday, November 25th and ends at 11:59

p.m., P.T. on Monday, December 16, 2019. Winners 

will be announced on Friday, December 20, 2019.


The contest is open to both interior designers and 

design enthusiasts who want an opportunity to showcase
their work in the 'SMW Home Holiday Decorating Contest'.


Submit clear photographs (up to a maximum of four photos per category)

of each room designed by you to our email address -  Sales@ScotMeachamWoodHome.com. It

can be either your own personal home or a home designed by you for a

client, just as long as it is your own work.

Photograph from every angle, including close-ups and special details. 

Images should be no larger than 2MB and in jpg format. 

Please also provide your full name and address.

Cheers - and good luck to everyone . . . 


12 November, 2019

"Very Ralph . . . "


Ok y'all.  We're just under 12 hours away from the debut of the new HBO documentary "Very Ralph" - which 'drops' tonight, November 12th at 9pm.  Check with your cable provider for all the details.

It's certain to be an inspirational 2 hours!


07 November, 2019

"The Crown . . . "


With the time change over this last weekend, the most important details is to now remember that we're an hour further away from the first episode of "The Crown" - coming on November 17th.

This first episode of the third season is going to represent a paradigm shift for the series.  As was announced years ago before the first episode of the first season aired, the plan has always been to have a significant time jump between seasons 2 and 3 (and again between seasons 4 and 5) which would necessitate a complete re-casting of the show!  So we have an entirely new collection of delicious British actors awash with corgis and velvet ceremonial robes!  If it helps, just pretend that all the members of the royal family are like James Bond.  We get a fresh one of those fairly regularly too!

Let's see who is up first;

Olivia Colman (as HM Queen Elizabeth) 

Olivia is making a habit of portraying members of the royal family.  She just won her first Oscar last season for her manically unhinged Queen Anne in "The Favourite."  But she's been around forever - I first became aware of her from the early days of Matt Smith in "Doctor Who!"  But - her biggest break was being cast as the downtrodden detective on "Broadchurch." Once it was announced that she was taking over the role from Claire Foy, I was completely excited.  She's going to be amazing!

Tobias Menzies (as HRH Prince Philip)

Yes, Black Jack Randall is going to portray HRH Prince Philip.  Tobias, like many of his fellow British actors, has been kicking around for years and years.  I'm excited to see what he might bring to the role of Her Majesty's husband!

Helena Bonham Carter (as HRH Princess Margaret)

We're getting into the good stuff with Princess Margaret!  At this point, she's still married to Tony Armstrong-Jones (though their relationship was endlessly stormy and dramatic!)  Helena has been a long-standing member of the British acting community . . . as far back as "A Room with a View" when she was the very definition of an English ingenue.  She's definitely going to bring a good deal of 'edge' to a very sassy role.

Josh O'Connor (as HRH Prince Charles)

If you've been distressed since the last episode of "The Durrells of Corfu" aired last week - you're in luck!  Lawrence Durrell is now Prince Charles.  I've seen a bit of Josh's work over the last few years - and he looks to be a perfect casting for a young Charles.  We'll get Charles' investiture as Prince of Wales in this season - and what looks like the beginning of his relationship with Camilla.  

What part of the story are YOU most looking forward to?


05 November, 2019

"Thank You One Kings Lane . . . "


It's almost that time of year when we all break out the good china!  Thank you to One Kings Lane for including us in their "Complete Guide to Holiday Entertaining!


01 November, 2019

"Irreplaceable . . . "


One of the highlights of last week's adventures in High Point North Carolina took a decidedly tabletop point of view!  Replacements had been gracious enough to provide the table service for our Dining Room at the Junior League Showcase House - and we were offered a private tour of their facility in Greensboro to see where all the magic happens . . .

So . . . away we go . . .  

Ok y'all.  This is one aisle.  In one warehouse.  And we kept making Indiana Jones jokes for almost the entire time we were there.  I did honestly ask if there was a monorail system to help get everyone around . . . lol.  

Alas no.  But, I was awestruck none the less!  As a huge proponent of dressing one's table to its best advantage - this was a marvelous experience.  China from the 50's.  And the 1850's.  All stacked and organized and ready to ship to your table for the holidays!

Of course, there was an 'exit through the gift shop' . . . and I stumbled across some Spode pieces that I had never even seen before.  Some serious shopping is clearly going to be in my immediate future! 

 If you have specific queries - they have a fully-staffed call center to help find what you're looking for!  Just give them a call and let them know what you need! 

And then off they go . . . just on the left past the Ark of the Covenent . . . and off it will ship to your own table.  Indiana Jones will be billed separately. 


05 October, 2019

"A Bankside Picnic . . . "


Is there anything as deliciously romantic as a hearty picnic on the grassy banks by the river?  We think not!  It seemed to be the perfect way of celebrating the new chill in the air . . . 

And, of course, you're invited . . .    

 glorious place to rest and enjoy the fruits (and berries)
of our picnic!

A vintage pitcher and glasses holds a bracing selection
of ales and lemonades.

First things first - our new Beryl Park Tartan Throw
(freshly arrived from Scotland) was a perfect layer
to begin spreading the bounty of our picnic.

Our classic Stag Head DOF glasses held a variety of
Scotches for a late afternoon scotch tasting.

All in all . . . a marvelous afternoon!


28 September, 2019

"A Touch of Toile . . . "


I've always been a firm believer that practically every room could use a wee bit of exotic toile to make it come alive.  The mystery of these beautiful patterns was set into my mind whilst I was living in the Far East as a youngster.  Mother and I would often strike off together on Saturday mornings to the local (and sometimes not so local) markets to shop for textiles and trinkets . . . and some unpronounceable new food for our dinner.

So as we began our journey towards of new collection of textiles - clearly a signature toile was a requirement!  I had searched through mom's cache of vintage fabrics - finding my favourite motif and design - and we began weaving together those patterns into Cordelia Park Toile.

She's now available as a dramatic wallcovering.

We've designed some classic decorative pillows

We've even upholstered our classic Charlotte Settee!

And to keep things interesting, we even
created a lushly-coloured version too!  

Toile for Fall -

04 September, 2019

"SMW Home, Autumn 2019 - Along the Silk Road . . . "

China Through the Looking Glass
The Metropolitan Museum of Art


Like a great many of you, when I was in New York City a few years ago I spent an amazing summer afternoon wandering through the Metropolitan Museum of Art during their "China Through the Looking Glass" exhibition.  Having spent part of my childhood in Korea and Japan - the culture has always fascinated me.  As we began designing the Autumn 2019 Collection for SMW Home, those beautiful patterns and motifs continued to intrigue me.  Added to that was the endless vintage textiles that I discovered at my parents home as we began the process of preparing it for sale . . . and suddenly - I was awash in inspiration for my new collection.  

 The Production of Turandot 
designed by David Hockney

I wanted dramatic, over-sized toiles in lush saturated colours.  I wanted export-inspired patterns filled with mystery and romance.  And I wanted to be able to add in a few tartans here and there within the same colour palette - lol.

 The Hockney designed window
at Westminster Abbey

So meet me back here in this Autumn and see where this mysterious journey has brought me - and YOU - as we travel along The Silk Road with SMW Home.  In the meantime - enjoy our current collection of amazing textiles.


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