29 August, 2012

"Before & After. The Study . . . "

SMW Design, Berkeley Project


I thought I'd share a few of the before and after images of our recent project here in the Bay area.  The goal was to create a small study within an office building - a great place for more casual conversation, and to conduct business in a more relaxed environment.

The 'before' was a healthy collection of good news / bad news.  The leather and chenille sofa was in great shape - we simply switched out the upholstery on the seat and back cushions to a hearty woven linen that felt a little lighter.  But, the collection of decorative pillows desperately needed to be updated.  Blessedly, the existing rug was fabulous.  The sheers were in good shape - though, because of the shape of the space - I wanted to add proper window treatments to accentuate the amazing height of the room.

Here's the new colour palette :

Drawing inspiration from the existing rug - simple, clear neutrals - with a collection of beautiful blue hues . . . and the sharp ping of burnt orange.

Progress.  Adding a few proper lounge chairs.  The new side table from Ralph Lauren.  And you can see that the Phillip Jefferies wallpaper has certainly warmed up the room  - and the sharp contrast certainly highlighted all the existing beautiful woodwork. 

More Progress.  New pillows are in.  And a new cocktail table - the round table seemed to be a better choice than the heavy iron trunk - and because of the glass insets, it made the slightly tight space feel a little easier to navigate. 

All we needed were a few details . . . and we're ready for business.


(photography by Scot Meacham Wood and Nicolas Smith) 

26 August, 2012

"Sunday Runway, Falling . . . "


Y'all.  I know it's not even Labor Day weekend yet.  But, seriously.  I can't wait for switch my closet over to fall this year.

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