28 September, 2014

"Rowing Blazer Book Signing in New York . . . "

Chip Kidd, Drew Poling, and Scot Meacham Wood


We had flurry of travel this week as Drew and I zipped out to New York for a few days to help celebrate the release of Jack Carlson's new book "Rowing Blazers" at the new Ralph Lauren flagship store on 5th Avenue.  The new store was awash in striped and tipped blazer . . . an amazing jazz combo . . . and a good time had by all.

"Classic American style was born in British boathouses, where the very first 
blazers were fashioned for college rowing clubs. This book, created by 
champion rower Jack Carlson, offers an insider’s guide to the elaborately 
striped, piped, trimmed, and badged garments, as well as 
the stories, elite athletes, historic clubs, and races associated with them. 
Featuring lush photographs by F.E. Castleberry, Rowing Blazers is a 
definitive visual feast, transporting readers to the highly atmospheric
 boathouses, campuses, and team rooms of clubs around the world. 
For anyone who has raced the rivers or lined the banks, this handsome 
ode to the eye-catching, evocative rowing blazer is a must."

Have a look at a few photos from the event . . .

Jack Carlson signing copies of his book "Rowing Blazers"

"It brings together three of my passions: rowing, menswear and 
pageantry," said Mr. Carlson, a Georgetown- and Oxford-educated 
rower on the U.S. National team, who started 
working on the book 4½ years ago.

by Jack Carlson

(photography by BFA NYC)

26 September, 2014

"The Dowager Duchess of Devonshire . . . "


Thought I've been traveling for the past few days . . . I was greatly saddened to read of the death of the Dowager Duchess of Devonshire - known in her younger days as Deborah Miford.  The Mitford sisters have always fascinated me . . . in fact, I've been reading Deborah's own memoirs "Wait for Me" over the last few months.  It's a bit heartbreaking that just as she's becoming SO real to me . . . that she passes away at the age of 94.

"Born in 1920, “Debo,” as she was widely known, was the youngest of the six 
celebrated Mitford sisters. She became a duchess through a twist of fate. 
After her marriage in 1941 to Andrew Cavendish, the younger son of the 10th 
Duke of Devonshire, the newlyweds expected a life of genteel poverty. 
But three years later, Andrew’s elder brother, William, who had married 
Kathleen Kennedy, a sister of J.F.K., was killed in action in World War II. 
In 1950, Andrew inherited both the dukedom, and Chatsworth, 
a 297-room house on 35,000 acres that is arguably 
England’s grandest non-royal home."

- from the New York Times 

At her marriage to Lord Andrew Cavendish in 1941.

Celebrating her 90th Birthday at Chatsworth House. 

Chic beyond words . . . ! 

The Duchess with her quite famous, prize-winning chickens at Chatsworth House.
(photography by Bruce Weber)
In the amazing gardens at Chatsworth House.

"Palatial as the property is, the Cavendish family carved out a large 
private section for themselves where 
they were blissfully domestic.

At the time, however, it was "a fabulous mess," as Debo later recalled.
In grave disrepair, it was also saddled with
reportedly up to $20 million in taxes and death duties.
Rolling up her sleeves, the Duchess brought
the estate back to its glory days."
- from Vanity Fair


22 September, 2014

"Traditional Home - Napa Showcase House . . . "


SMW Design is delighted to announce our invitation to take part in the 2014 Traditional Home Napa Showcase House.  The event is open from October 12th through November 16th on Tuesdays through Sundays.  For tickets and more information - you can click here.

We're just finishing up all the details on our space . . . but, I can give you a few clues as to the design of our living room;  1)  masculine.  2)  rustic.  3)  cloudy.

That's right . . . cloudy.

So . . . if you're in the area - come up and see us sometime . . .


21 September, 2014

"Sunday Runway - Back at Square One . . . . "


November.  1987.  I still remember coming back from my post office box in Breckenridge, Co and seeing this image for the first time.  Kevin Kline.  Polo/Ralph Lauren.  GQ cover.   And a flawless Fall transition ensemble.

We've chatted in the past about interior design images that stick in my memory . . . but, what about fashion? 

It's always good to check in on old friends . . . and fashion that still rings true and stylish.



14 September, 2014

"Sunday Runway - Ralph Lauren Spring 2015 . . . "


Last week was busy on several differing fronts around here . . . but, one should never be too busy to be inspired.  As usual, one of my favourite shows from New York Fashion Week was late on the schedule - but, well worth the wait.

Ralph Lauren . . . for Spring 2015.  Revisiting a safari motif and inspiration . . . but, new and pieces that feel VERY wearable.  Great suits.  Great marque pieces.  Marvelous accessories.

Take a look at a few of my favourites . . .


11 September, 2014

"Influencing Design . . . "


It's kinda been one of those weeks when I've been all over the country - on the road with clients . . . and also showing up all over the internet as well . . . lol.

After yesterday's little dust-up about online commenting, let's turn our attention back to more exciting thoughts.  Like fashion!  Quintessence has put together the first in a series of videos about their favourite designers and wardrobes.  With an interesting discussion about the intersection between fashion and design - and how our personal style is influenced by - and influences - our design portfolios.

Take a look . . . here.

A big "thanks!" as always to the powerhouse team of Stacey and Susanna and the daily inspirations they provide on Quintessence.


10 September, 2014

"Bringing Civility to the Internet . . . "


You can read more about it . . . here.


09 September, 2014

"Todd Snyder, Spring 2015 . . . "


Even in the midst of a busy week here in the office . . . I've been taking a wee break each day to peruse through the latest happenings during New York Fashion Week.  I think my favourite from over this last weekend was this chic, stylish show from Todd Snyder.  I'm LOVING the simplicity of it - and the classic tailoring of even the most basic elements in the show.

Take a look . . .


(images from Style.com - photography by Livio Valerio)

05 September, 2014

"Friday Flashback . . . "

Scot Meacham Wood Design,  photography by
Thayer Allison Gowdy for House Beautiful 


It all started on June 28th, 2013.  It had been a quiet Friday afternoon here in the office.  I'd run out to a quick lunch with my friend David (who works nearby) and was settling in for a simple wind-up from a slightly hectic week.

Then I noticed that there was a phone message.

So I grabbed a pen and rustled up a piece of paper.  


"You have one un-heard message."

"press 1, to hear messages."


"Scot.  Hey, it's Doretta from House Beautiful.  We were reviewing 
projects for the Dec/Jan issue, and we'd like to 
shoot your apartment as part of the editorial spread.  
Call me when you get a second and let's look at calendars!'

Um.  Ok.  

Called my Mom.

Called my boyfriend.

Called my PR agent. 

Then I sat down and tried to breathe.  

So after chatting with New York and comparing calendars . . . . exactly one year ago today . . . on an bright, sunny Friday morning in early September . . . Doretta, the editor from House Beautiful, and the photo crew (headed up the sublime Thayer Allison Gowdy!)  showed up for two day photo shoot - full of hilarity and magic.  Balancing light values.  Shuffling accessories around.  Capturing moments on film of my own home that I had never seen before. 

Here's a little background . . . 

From the beginning - we had a laptop set-up so we could preview images a full
size . . . and start framing out pages as we were shooting . . . .

I grabbed my iPhone for a few shots of the process.
I've often noted, I have one of the "smallest kitchen in America."
Well, you should be seen me, Doretta, Thayer, Thayer's 1st assistant, 
and her 2nd assistant - ALL piled in the kitchen working to get the best image.
There was a stack of red tartan plates and a fawn-shaped butter dish that we must have
moved 20 times . . . lol. 

This ended up being one of my favourite images of the house.  As many of you know, my china and table service collection is sort of . . . um, I don't know . . . vast.  But, I love the mixture of artwork in here - from the early 1900's McIan tartan prints - to my "Henry V" poster from the RSC - that I got in London in 2003.

Onward to the bedroom . . . 
Lordy - we fussed and fussed and fussed with this image . . . and never could quite get it to do anything . . . . so . . . .

After shifting the camera and opening up the image.
Magically.  This happened.  

At one point on that first day . . . Doretta was nosing around the apartment . . . opened a doorway down near the entrance to house and exclaimed, "Oh, this is MARVELOUS.  Bring the camera."

I quickly zipped over to the vanity . . . and gave things a quick re-org - just so it looked a bit more Kiehls face products and a bit less Crest toothpaste.  And, we found this great shot!

I'll continue to share some of these images over the next few weeks . . . but, today clearly required recognition.


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