31 December, 2015

"Happy New Year . . . "


Happy New Year y'all.  See you on the other side!


23 December, 2015

"Happy Christmas Y'all . . . "


Ok y'all . . . we're rolling headlong into Christmas in a few days.  Just in case your next few days are as busy as mine - I wanted to wish you a Happy Christmas a few days early!

Blessing upon you - a good wishes for the new year!


(image of our Christmas tree for year from Traditional Home.  photography by John Merkl)

16 December, 2015

"Mind. Blown . . . "


Admittedly, me very deep, and totally serious, Star Wars 'nerdity' is not well documented on this blog.  I was 13 years old when the first film came out.  And I think I saw it something like 20 times over that summer.  Seriously.

My music 'nerdity' is slightly more well documented here.  I've been a singer and musician practically my entire life.

So . . . THIS.  This delights me.  Just imagine how great you think it could possibly be.

And THEN you can watch it.  This might be the best thing on the internet today.

May the force be with you,

15 December, 2015

"The Season of Giving . . . "


With Christmas and the New Year right around the corner, now is the time to consider all that we have and those that are less fortunate. As you know, I am honored to be donating my time to design a guest bedroom in the newly expanded Ronald McDonald facility at the Lucile Packard Children's Hospital, which will now be the largest of its kind in the world. This holiday season, I urge you to think of the children who will be benefiting from my design and make a generous donation to this wonderful cause. 
Ronald McDonald House is a fantastic charity that provides a home-away-from-home and supportive community for families as their children undergo treatment for life-threatening illnesses at surrounding hospitals. The soothing environment that the Ronald McDonald House provides is crucial for these families as they grow and heal together.  
With its new 52,000 square foot building, the Ronald McDonald House at Stanford will feature 123 guest rooms. As of 2014, the Stanford location had to turn away 4,698 families due to their limited capacity and on average had 34 families on their waitlist every night. The new addition will give families with children undergoing treatment for heartbreaking ailments such as cardiovascular surgery, neonatal intensive care, and oncology a rejuvenative, an inviting place to stay during their time of need. 
I am incredibly grateful for all of those who have donated, but am still in need of significant support to complete my design. Your donations will go directly towards purchasing durable furnishings that will aid in creating comfortable spaces for children and families during their time of healing. Please join me in supporting this fantastic cause with a tax-deductible donation here.   

I can't wait to make this project come to life with your help.



14 December, 2015

"Curbed Appeal . . . "

The new entrance to SMW Design

Greetings -

A big "thank you" to Mary Jo Bowling and Curbed.com for the charming tour through SMW Design's our new offices - here in the San Francisco Design Center.

Check it out here.


09 December, 2015

"Light Up Your Holidays . . . "


I'm excited to introduce our new SMW Home Signature Candle - just in time for holiday gift-giving.  We've put together a clever combination of . . . 

 Fir Needles
 Orange Oils

All combining to create the perfect toasty, warm scent for your home this season.  You can learn more about them here - and place your orders before we sell out!


08 December, 2015

"Someone's in the Kitchen with . . . "

Greetings -

It was a bit of a melancholy weekend.  Today would have been my Mom's birthday.  It's the first one since she passed away last year.  So I decided to spend a goodly part of my Saturday cooking her favourite Chicken Pie recipe.  Now - I've updated this a bit - I have NO memory of mom slow-cooking mushrooms for almost an hour . . . lol . . .but, even with my personal changes - it COMPLETELY reminds me of her.

So Happy Birthday Mom!  I made dinner for you.



1)  2 or 3 large boneless/skinless chicken breasts.
2)  two large onions.
3)  5 stalks of celery
4)  2 to 3 large carrots
5)  2 cups of fresh sliced mushrooms
6)  1 can of fresh corn
7)  3/4 cup of milk (or half and half)
8)  Bisquick


Step one.
Prepare Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breasts

In a large stock pot, bring 8 cups of water to a boil.  Add 2 to 3 large skinless/boneless chicken breasts, a large onion (rough chopped), 2 to 3 large carrots (rough chopped), 5 stalks of celery (rough chopped), and two bay leaves.  Reduce heat, cover, and cook for approximately an hour.  Salt generously.  Place large colander inside larger bowl - pour the contents into the colander.  Remove colander to separate chicken (along with onions, celery, and carrots) from stock.  Dice chicken and set the bowl of stock aside.

Step two.
Prepare Contents

1.  Prepare mushrooms.  In a large pan, melt a large pat of butter and add mushrooms.  Stir to coat.  Reduce heat to extremely low and cover.  Cook for 30 to 45 minutes - stirring occasionally. 

2.  Add onions.  In the same pan - raise heat to medium.  Add additional butter and stir in one rough chopped onion.  Stir to coat.  Reduce heat again to extremely low and cook the onions and mushrooms for an additional 15 to 20 minutes.

3.  Add flour.  In the same pan - raise heat again to medium and add another pat of butter.  Add 3/4 cup of all-purpose flour and stir until mushrooms and onions are completely coated.

4.  Add milk (or half and half) and chicken stock.  Reduce heat to medium/low, cover and allow to simmer for 10 minutes stirring occasional.  Add seasoning to taste.  Oregano.  Salt.  Pepper.

5.  Add final contents.  Into the thickened sauce, add the diced chicken and one small can of corn.

6.  Prepare crust.  Prepare Bisquick batter (starting with about 2 cups of Bisquick) following directions on the box for "Drop Biscuits".  I like to keep this mixture a bit on the dry side.

In a large baking dish, pour the contents of the pie and then spoon on the Bisquick batter to cover the entire surface.  Place in a 250 degree oven for approximately 20 minutes - or until crust is golden brown.



04 December, 2015

"Tartan, Tinsel, and Tile - with SMW Home . . . "


If you're in the area next Tuesday - December 8th - please join me in the Walker Zanger Showroom for a celebratory Pop-Up Shop - featuring our collection of holiday goods from Scot Meacham Wood Home.  

"Bring a Wee Bit of the Scottish Highlands to your Christmas Celebrations"
Join Walker Zanger and Scot Meacham Wood, of SMW Home, for a one day exclusive Holiday Shopping Event.
Decorative Pillows & Throws, Antique Treasures, Christmas Stockings, and exclusive Tartan Dog Beds, are waiting to be wrapped and placed under your tree.

Tuesday, December 8th
11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Walker Zanger San Francisco
1101 Henry Adams Street, Suite 412, San Francisco, CA 94103

I look forward to sharing a bit of holiday cheer and sharing items from our collection from SMW Home.


01 December, 2015

"Christmas at SMW Design . . . "


We're finally pulling into the proper Holiday season - and I wanted to share a few images I took last night at our new offices here at the San Francisco Design Center.  We moved into our new digs in early October - and we only have a few boxes left to unpack!

After my many years at Ralph Lauren - I truly missed being able to design and install 'windows' for the Christmas season - luckily our new home has a proper window display space - and I've been plotting these window from practically the first day we moved in . . .

It's not quite the drama of the unveiling of the Bergdorf windows . . . but come . . . join in a bit of holiday cheer from SMW Design and SMW Home . . . 

 We are ALL about colour and pattern this year!
An antique Georgian Secretary was the perfect centerpiece for the
window - and the Schumacher wallpaper creates such an amazing, vibrant

I also took advantage of our lovely products from SMW Home
to create something truly special . . . like our Meacham Tartan Decorative

Since everyone deserves some holiday cheer - I wanted to add one of our

I'm still at that marvelous point in creating SMW Home where I've hand-selected
practically every single piece in the collection - from a Vintage Child's Sporran to
an assortment of English Biscuit Barrels - and even a few pieces of framed Artwork.

For the trees ('cause one always needs as many Christmas trees as one can get!) - it was a 
mixture of vintage tartan ornaments with faux flowers and fruit. 

And what window display would be complete without a few pieces of
Antique Tartanware in the mix.  I love this copy of the works of Sir Walter Scott
bound in Antique Tartanware

Thanks for stopping by our wee Christmas display - and I hope you're already having an amazing holiday season!


27 November, 2015

"Black(watch!) Friday Sale . . . "


Well . . . it looks like we've survived the celebration of friends and family - and glorious calorie intake - of Thanksgiving.  And I know you should do a wee bit of window shopping if only for the extra cardio!  But, if you've decided to stay tucked in at the house and do a bit of cyber-shopping - take a stop by SMW Home and see if you can start getting a few item from your shopping list checked off.

From Black(watch!) Friday through Cyber Monday - take 15% off anything from our collection of decorative pillows and throws (both cashmere and wool) by using the code BLACKWATCH at checkout.

Shop heartily.


26 November, 2015

"Happy Thanksgiving . . . "

SMW Design - Dining by Design  SF 2008


A simple and heartfelt Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!

I hope your day is spent surrounded with good friends . . . and pie.


25 November, 2015

"SMW Home - Stocking Give-away . . . "


We're getting into the holiday spirit here at SMW Home - and wanted to bring a bit of it to you!  I can't promise an XBox or an iPhone under the tress . . . but - within the world it tartan holiday accessories - I hold incredible power!

So . . . we're offering two (2!) of our delightful over-sized Tartan Stockings.  Each are made from 100% wool SMW Home MacLeod Tartan with a black faux fur trim.   All you need to do is sign-up here . . . and keep your fingers and toes crossed until the winner is be announced on December 11th. 

Don't forget - you can sign up to enter the drawing HERE.  The last day to enter is December 10th and the winner with be announced on December 11th. 

Cheers - and happy holidays!

17 November, 2015

"It's Time to Start Getting Cozy . . . "

Greetings -

With the holiday season approaching so quickly (didn't it seem like it was the 4th of July something like TWO weeks ago . . . lol), I thought I'd highlight a few of our Christmas and Holiday gift ideas each week here on the blog . . .

This week we start with the tartan throw - because it's beginning to get a wee bit chilly!

"Perfect for cheering on your favourite team in the stands - or curling 
up with your favourite book on the sofa.  We've gathered together a 
jolly selection of tartan throws in wool, angora, or luxurious 
100% cashmere - just right for keeping you toasty warm." 

from our selection of lambswool/angora tartan throws . . . 

 And the amazingly beautiful 100% Cashmere Blackwatch tartan throw.

Stop by SMW Home and find what you've been looking for - gifts for loved ones - or maybe even something for yourself!  For a bit of extra holiday cheer - enter the code THROWS at checkout for a additional 15% off any of our collection of wool, cashmere, or faux fur throws.  Offer ends Monday November 23rd.


10 November, 2015

"Tis the Season - with Traditional Home . . . "


I'm totally excited to share a few of the images from our new spread in the November/December issue of Traditional Home.  Photographer John Merkl did an amazing job at capturing the spirit of Christmas in our home here in San Francisco.  The holiday season is fast upon us - and I hope your house is already beginning to show a bit of Christmas cheer too . . .

Take a peek -

I've shared my best holiday decorating advice (and tons of more images!) with Traditional Home - so stop by and take a look!


(photography by John Merkl)

27 October, 2015

"Going to the Dogs . . . "


Some things can't wait.  We just received an advance order of our custom dog beds for Holiday  2015 - and I was just too excited not to share.  A generously sized 24" round dog bed in either Ryder Tartan or Meacham Tartan - with custom inserts of poly-fill and cedar chips.

Now available for pre-order on SMW Home.  Shipping November 15th.

Dog tested.  Tartan approved.


21 October, 2015

"Today in Footwear News . . . "


As y'all most likely know - I have a bit of a shoe fetish.  Seriously. So nothing could be MORE exciting to announce than my new collaboration with Stubbs & Wootton of Palm Beach - a limited edition tartan slipper - the "Baird" - featuring our 100 % wool Baird Tartan from Scot Meacham Wood Home.  

"Two great tastemakers, Scot Meacham Wood and Stubbs & Wootton, 
are thrilled to present Baird, a limited edition handmade Stubbs & Wootton 
slipper in SMW Home's luxurious tartan fabric. Slip on a pair for work, 
cocktails, or a nighttime cup of tea (trust us, you won't ever want to take them off). 
Nab a pair before they're gone! Available for both gentlemen and ladies - 
online at Stubbs & Wootton."

Ok y'all.  The inventory is going fast - as we only produced a limited number of these amazingly chic shoes - so take a moment and shop either men's or women's - and get your holiday party started from the ankles down.


10 October, 2015

"SMWD - On The Move . . . "

Greetings -

I know I've gone a bit 'radio silent' that last few weeks - some of it has been a parade of traveling (both for clients and family) - but, we've also come across an exciting opportunity to expand SMWD's visibility -

So we're are on the move . . .

Here's a wee peek. 

Well . . . we're a little bit further along than this . . .

But, as of 5pm on Friday - all the boxes are here (and mostly unpacked!).  We have WiFi.  And we all seem to be able to use the wireless printer.

So - I'm calling the week a complete win.

More soon . . .


29 September, 2015

"Stag. Party . . . "


There is very little as iconic as the silhouette of a proud stag against the rugged backdrop of the Scottish highlands.  I've seen this classic image played out in paintings, film stills, and marvelous poetry.

"Reaching a clearing with flakes blowing wild,
stopped to watch the proud beast on the brae.
His deep red coat and antlers full grown,
the Monarch reigns, despite this cold day."
- a poem by LittleMoon

As I began the craft the textile collection for SMW Home - I felt the I needed to expand the patterns well beyond a parade of tartans (as one cannot live by tartan alone!) and include some jaunty damasks as well.

So . . . *drumroll* . . . I'm delighted to introduce "Stag's Leap" as a part of the SMW Home textile collection!  And in some very sassy colours too -


Stop by and have a look at our entire collection of textiles - and enjoy a wee bit of the scottish highlands for yourself-

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