29 August, 2011

"When in Doubt . . . "


It's not quite the ubiquitous 'rainy days and Mondays' around here today.  But, I could certainly use a bright little pick-me-up just about now on the busy Monday afternoon.

And nothing does that quite as well as these luscious images from James and Whitney Fairchild's home in the Hamptons - featured in the June 2004 issue of House and Garden.  God I miss this magazine.  Seriously.  And, yes, I still have my original copy of this issue.  In the exclusive stack of magazines.  Right where I can find it.

If you're having a typical Monday - and need a few moments of relaxation - please.  peruse.  and enjoy.


26 August, 2011

"Black and White . . . "

From HERE.


Okay.  This is one of those occasions when I see an image of a home.  And LOVE it.  And also know that I could not have this charming little bathroom for myself.  I've also been drawn back to this image numerous times over the last few days since I've seen it.  Intrigued at each of the pictures.  Wondering about the life they all represent.  But, I know I wouldn't replicate it.

I always try to remember when I'm surfing around looking at interior design images - these rooms where never designed to please me.  They have been designed (either through the incredible talents of an interior designer - or through the great innate style of the occupant - or, ever better - both!) to delight the lucky soul that has the pleasure of residing there.  So pictures like this one both charm and inspire me - though I can't really see it as a part of my own home.  My response is never black or white.  It's never "I need to find that exact same sink"  Or "How could someone live with all that art on the walls!"

I try to see the homeowner.  And project their emotions about living in the space . . .

Imagine starting your day in the midst of this frenzy of memories.  Seeing great friends each morning.  Being surrounds by all manner of nostalgia each night before bed.

Oh, it's beginning to work its magic charm on me once again.


23 August, 2011

"The Man in the Gray Flannel House . . . "

SMW Design, Dining Room


Inspiration comes from everywhere.  And especially from the interior of your closet.  Are you drawn to bright prints in your wardrobe?  Does your interior reflect that?  Is your wardrobe full of neutrals - but with punches of colour?  Do you also see that trend in your home?  Is your closet well organized?  Is your home?

Is your closet filled with classic mens suiting fabrics?  Crisp white shirts?  Beautiful Italian silk ties?  Bespoke English shoes?

Gregory Peck, the original "Man in the Gray Flannel Suit."

SMW Design.  Menswear inspired bedroom in San Francisco.

A great suit, with vintage Ray Bans.

Jon Hamm, from my beloved Mad Men

Ruthie Sommers, from Lonny Magazine.

The super-fabulous Mary McDonald

And speaking of super-fabulous, the always dapper Nick Wooster.

SMW Design, the Dining Banquette.

SMW Design, the Living Room from our Presidio Heights Project

Jenna Lyons, for Living Etc. 

SMW Design, a detail from the Dining Room. 
I also love the fact that several of these chic masculine spaces were designed by women.  And that the project from our studio was designed - not for a bachelor - but, for a young fun-loving couple.


21 August, 2011

"Sunday Runway, The Duke of Windsor . . . "

James D'Arcy and Andrea Riseborough as King Edward and Wallis Simpson in W.E.


In recognition of the new film based on the affair of the King Edward and Wallis Simpson - I thought we'd cast our Sunday fashion eye on the ever-stylish Edward.  The man who spend his life defying royal traditions - also spent his life establishing enumerable fashion traditions.  Lets take a quick look . . .

Super stylish . . . double-breasted suits with spectators . . . 

Amazing tweeds for the country . . . 

And even looking marvelous in his kilt . . . 

Fantastic patterned wool suits . . . 

And some great images from his amazing wardrobe . . . 

And how fabulous is this?!?!?!


18 August, 2011

"Love, Love, Love . . . "


I mean seriously, who wouldn't love this?!?!  Traditional.  Yet still fresh and modern.  Clever.  Yet still accessible and livable. And an excellent example of the beautiful work of Amy D. Morris Interiors for the Atlanta Homes and Lifestyle's Showcase House.  


16 August, 2011

"Falling . . . "


A jaunty little tale of Autumn, throw pillows, and misplaced aromas over on New England Home's blog today - a big thanks to everyone there for asking me to contribute.  Click HERE for the complete article.


11 August, 2011

"Love, Love, Love . . . "

Colette van den Thillart, for House and Home
(photography by Chris Tubbs)


Totally loving this little sitting room in the London home of interior designer Colette van den Thillart.  Love the wall colour.  Love the patterned floor covering.  And the combination of traditional and edgy details in the space.


09 August, 2011

"Q & A with SMW . . . "

SMW Design, Atherton CA Project

Greetings -

After last Friday's posting - a question from a reader . . .  

"As the designer, do you use the clients furnishings... some, all, none? 

I was particularly wondering about the chair to the right of the red lacquer console in the entryway. Can you tell me about it? Maker, new, old, etc. I like the painted black furniture... just a few pieces here and there, like my Nichols and Stone rocker my son "found" for me (a real bargain) and my vintage Hitchcock dropleaf table and chairs.

Thanks always for the inspiration... Karen"

Karen - Thanks - a great question.  I don't have a great deal of information about the chairs because - yes, they were part of the client's existing collection of antiques that were part of the home before we began the project.  And yes - I love when we're able to use some of the existing furniture.    For me there are several reasons.  

Firstly, they're already there.  Though, on occasion, we've had to have a few pieces recovered to work with a new colour scheme . . . it's often easier for clients to visualize pieces that they already own.   A quick trip to the upholstery shop or the re-finisher and we're all ready to go. 

Secondly, it can certainly help stretch the budget if there are a few pieces that can be re-imagined for the new space.  We can invest more on a new textile if we can re-use an existing frame.  And often times 'case goods' (such as side table and cocktail tables) can have a completely different look in the newly designed space. 

And thirdly, and in many ways most importantly - being able to use existing pieces can give the newly decorated room some much needed emotional depth.  There's nothing quite like seeing the wonderful side table from your first apartment still in use years later.  We spend so much of our lives in our homes - and having that 'ping' of recognition (especially when SO many other aspects of the house have changed) can help to ground a room.

It's the combination of old and new that can make your new home feel like a long-lost friend.


08 August, 2011

"Sunday Runway, Bow Ties Are Cool . . . "


Simply put.  "Bow ties are cool."  Even the BBC's "Doctor Who" says so.  

Matt Smith, as "Doctor Who" on BBC.
Hackett London

Brad Goreski

From Hackett London
Jon Hamm, from Vanity Fair


05 August, 2011

"At the Corner of Ego and Compulsion . . . "

SMW Design.  Marina District, San Francisco  


Okay.  I'll admit it here.  Only because it's a safe space to do so.  "My name is Scot Meacham Wood.  And I google my own name."  Come on.  Admit it.  You do it as well.

But, on a particularly quiet night here at the house - I did a google image search.  And it was kinda fascinating.  There's also a marvelous little tool on 'google image search' in which you can classify and organize pictures by their colour.  You can image search using 'brown.'  Or 'turquoise.'  Or 'orange.'  Seriously, if you're home (and kinda bored), it can be hours of entertainment - lol.

So the other night (in the aforementioned state of being home, and kinda bored) - I was checking to see what was out there on ye olde interwebs - I realized how much 'red' I use in many of my projects.

SMW Design, Atherton California
A beautiful antique lacquer console in the entryway.

Holidays here at the house in 2008
Or a huge arrangement of 8 dozen roses for a party at the house . . . 

SMW Design.  Presidio Heights, San Francisco
A pair of autographed boxing gloves - adding a great personal detail to a living room.

SMW Design. East Hampton, New York
Antique Chinese chests flanking the fireplace in a beach house . . . 

SMW Design.  Lake Tahoe, California
Or classic handkerchief-inspired bedding . . .

Holidays here at the house in 2005
A little ping of red leather paired with items from my collection of tartanware in my bedroom.

SMW Design. Marina District, San Francisco
Or bright red linen dining chairs - lending some vibrancy to a neutral palette . . . 

SMW Deisgn.  Nob Hill, San Francisco 
And walls hung with a classic red tartan paper in a gentlemen's library.

Seeing 'red' - but, in a good way,
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