30 January, 2012

"Go. Social . . . "


I'm excited to announce that I'll be speaking as part of an exciting panel on Friday morning (February  3rd) at the Design San Francisco's keynote presentation called "Go Social - Using Social Media to Generate Business."  The lively panel discussion will include Grant Gibson, Melanie Coddington, and myself - and will be led by Michela O'Conno Abrams (President at Dwell Media).

"Join Michela O’Connor Abrams, President of Dwell Media, the award-winning media company based in San Francisco that champions good design, as she moderates a panel of three of San Francisco’s hot interior designers to watch – and how they have driven their interior design business utilizing social media. Instead of another dry social media lecture, interior designers Melanie Coddington, Grant Gibson and Scot Meacham Wood will share tips, strategies and secrets on how their use of social media has generated new clients, gained the attention of national and regional publications and led to published articles. Dwell Associate Editor, Jamie Gross will weigh in on how they consume blogs and other social media strategies to keep them up-to-date within the design industry."

So if you're in the area - please join us at the Galleria Building at the SF Design Center at 10am on Friday.  We're hoping for a full house - with lots of time of questions and answers - so reserve your seats HERE.

Grant Gibson, of Grant K Gibson Design

Melanie Coddington, of Coddington Design 

Scot Meacham Wood, of SMW Design
See you on Friday,

24 January, 2012

"Walking the Dog . . . "


- a conversation between Rhonda Hirata, the Marketing Director of the SF Design Center and me -

"Scot, I have a quick question to ask - do you have a dog?"

"Um . . . . no, I don't.  But, I have access to an amazing dog, Redford.  What do you need?"

Me and Redford.  a German short-haired Pointer.  Owned by Joe and Stacy, two
great friends and super-great clients.

"We're having a Dog Fashion Show here at the Design Center to raise money for The Canine Companions for Independence in February.  You just need to design an outfit for Redford, using textiles from the design center, and then take part in the show.  Interested?"

"Absolutely. I'd love to help out."

(my internal dialogue)

"Hmmmmm.  What should I design for the show?  Well,  I spend so much of my time with Redford and Joe trail running every weekend . . . so, something outdoorsy could be good"

"Maybe even something with a hunting motif.  Redford is after all a hunting breed"

"Some beautiful tweeds and plaids.  Maybe some lush chocolate velvet for a collar treatment?"

Shopping at Kravet for textiles . . . 

(several days later, the telephone rings . . . )

"Good afternoon.  This is Scot."

"Hey Scot.  It's Rhonda from the Design Center.  Discovery Channel is showing some interest in covering the Haute Dog Fashion Show.  Would you be interested in filming some 'behind-the-scenes' footage for the show?"

At the Kravet Showroom in SF with showroom manager, Lisa Davis.

"Sure.  What are they looking for?"

"Well, I know you've been shopping at Kravet for the fabrics for the outfit.  Could they get some film of you shopping . . . ?"


(A week or so later, the telephone rings . . . )

"Good afternoon, this is Scot."

"Hey Scot.  I'm from the Discovery Channel - we'll plan to be in SF next week . . . could we also take some time and get on on-camera interview with you . . . ?

"Absolutely.  We could even set up at the office for the interview.  Would that work for you?"

So keep an eye out - I'll let you know if the show airs . . . none the less - it's been a great project to be involved with.  If you want more information on the event - click here.  Tickets are still available if you're in the area and want to come and see the style and hilarity.


22 January, 2012

"Sunday Runway, Milan . . . "


I thought I'd share a few of my favourite images from the men's shows in Milan this last week for Fall of 2012.  Beautiful leathers.  Great sweaters.  Perfect accessories.  Classic suitings.

What's your favourite?


18 January, 2012

"Under Cover of Darkness . . . "


Winter sets in.  The sun sets early every afternoon.  And as we travel through the darkest days of the year, there is little more romantic and delightful than a gathering of friends around a dinner table - illuminated by candlelight.  The flickering light gives any gathering an instant intimacy.  Half-lit faces filled with laughter.  Eyes sparkling in the reflected glow.  An evening of memories about to begin.

I've always said - If you're worried about the success of any dinner party . . . just turn off a few more lights . . . and light a few more candles.  The magic will surely follow.

Pull up a chair . . .

SMW Design, Lake Tahoe Project

SMW Design, The Four Seasons - San Francisco

Ralph Lauren, "Modern Thoroughbred" Collection
I love the mixture of a more modern space with the classic glass hurricanes for illumination.  

image from Pinterest
And I think this is crazy magical.  Masses of votives gathered for a party.

From the set of "Downton Abbey"
Ralph Lauren Restaurant in Paris

Holiday at the House, 2009 

SMW Design, Marina Project - San Francisco

I also have a little suggestion if you're a regular votive user.  I've filled my votive holders with about an inch of water before placing the candles in.  That way, the melting wax just gathers in the water, the at the end of the evening - after throwing the candles and water away - your votives are clean and ready to be used again.  

Hever Castle, England

SMW Design, Garden Party 2008
And here's a serious evening of candles - with the table and the garden all aglow.


13 January, 2012

"Let's Cuddle . . . "

Calvert Wright for Elle Decor (photography by Roger Davies)

While we're working our way through the winter season - keeping warm is clearly a priority.  But, there's no reason that we can't be our usual classic, stylish selves.  So.  I present to you.  The Hudson Bay Blanket.

I just found a copy of this amazing new book on the Hudson Bay Company from Assouline - documenting the great history and style of the Hudson Bay blanket . . . and it made the perfect Christmas present!

Come on.  Let's snuggle . . .

New from Assouline Books

Kate Thornley-Hall for House and Home  (photography by Angus Fergusson)

The Classic Men's Hudson Bay Coat.

How great is this?!?!?!? from HERE. 

Ladies Cashmere Robe.  Yay.

Nancy Boszhardt for House Beautiful
(photography by John Kemick)

Super Cute. 

Hudson Bay Dog Bed.  Seriously! 

The Hudson Bay Company Store

The classic men's Hudson Bay Coat.

And an always useful flask.

Available from Assouline Books

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