28 February, 2011

"L.A. Story - Michael Smith . . . "

Michael Smith, for Elle Decor
(photography - Simon Upton)

As we approach the end of our tour of some of my favourite LA designers, we come to the profoundly talented Michael Smith.  I've always been a fan of his work - and this wondrous home on a bluff just north of Malibu, from Elle Decor - has always charmed me.  The clear, bright blues of the ocean and sky.  The murky corals and purples from an undersea reef.  And the unifying neutral of sand coloured linen to unite everything perfectly.

Enjoy . . .


from Elle Decor, photography by Simon Upton

27 February, 2011

"L.A. Story - Mary McDonald . . . "

Mary McDonald, for House Beautiful
(photography by Robert Trachtenberg)


Our tour of some of my favourite LA designers continues with this chic home in the Hollywood Hills by Los Angeles designer - Mary McDonald.  Basically a simple bachelor pad - but with incredible style and elegant details - from House Beautiful.


images from House Beautiful. Photography by Robert Trachtenberg.

26 February, 2011

"L.A. Story - Joe Nye . . . "

Joe Nye, Inc, from House Beautiful
(photography by - Luca Trovato)


It is most likely no surprise to any regular readers that I'm a huge fan of the work of designer Joe Nye.  So as we're touring through some of my favourite LA designers, let us take a peek in on the deliciously tasteful Mr. Nye - and one his beautiful projects, a hacienda-styled home in Santa Barbara - featured recently in House Beautiful.

Enjoy . . .


images from House Beautiful.  Photography by Luca Trovato

25 February, 2011

"L.A. Story - Jeffrey Alan Marks . . . "

Master Bedroom, Jeffrey Alan Marks, Inc.
(photo credit - Simon Upton for Elle Decor)

We're in day two of my tour through the homes of some of my favourite LA designers -  and is there anything that personifies the 'southern california' aesthetic more than a beautiful beach home.  And the perfectly insouciant home of Jeffrey Alan Marks fits the bill to a 't.'

You can almost smell the fresh, salt air . . .


images from Elle Decor.  Photography by Simon Upton.

24 February, 2011

"L.A. Story - Windsor Smith . . . "

Main Entrance,
Photo credit - Victoria Pearson for House Beautiful

Well - let's start our tour through some of my favourite Los Angeles designers with the perfect combination of style and charm.  Windsor Smith.  I had the great pleasure of meeting Windsor last year when I was down in Los Angeles - and I can assure you that her gracious designs are matched by her charming personality.  Her LA home was recently featured in House Beautiful - enjoy a peek into this glamorous space . . . bright.  balanced.  chic.

The Master Bedroom
“I found this amazing embroidered satin from Bergamo Fabrics and used 
it on the bed, to create a little jewel box,” Smith says. “And then I added 
that whimsical Italian mirror. It’s like a star hanging over us.”
- Windsor Smith

The Family Room

"For a dinner party, the chandeliers are lit very low, and all the silver sparkles. 
You feel as if you're eating in a fine restaurant, yet you're at home. 
People feel so relaxed. We linger for hours"
- Windsor Smith


images and text from House Beautiful.  Photo credit - Victoria Pearson

"L.A. Story . . . "


Since I'm heading down to Los Angeles in a few days for the Design Bloggers Conference, I've clearly got LA on the brain.   Who will I see.  What will I wear.  And will be traffic signs speak directly to me as well?  (if, by chance, that doesn't make any sense - I would have to recommend the Steve Martin movie, LA Story.  Seriously, it's a great little movie!)

But, in the meanwhile - I thought I'd use this space to highlight some of my favourite designers from just down the road . . .

Check back in regularly for the next several days - there's going to be some warm, fresh LA style going on . . .

Steve Martin, from "L.A. Story"


23 February, 2011

"Let it Snow . . . "


Snow.  In San Francisco.  This weekend.  Or, at least that's what our weather forecasters are saying.  Which all sounds very exciting - except for the fact that I'll be in Los Angeles this weekend - and will miss it. Darnit.  lol.

As one would suspect, we don't get snow here very often - so I thought I'd share a few images of 'snow through the ages' from the usually temperate San Francisco.

For you locals here this weekend - bundle up!

1882.  Market Street.  Taken 24 years the 1906 earthquake.
(photo credit - SF Chronicle archives)
1887.  Intersection of Oak and Pierce.
(photo credit -
Freiermuth / Chronicle archives)
1887.  Shotwell Street (actually very near my current office!)
(photo credit - John Carpenter / SF Chronicle archives)
1951.  Laguna Honda Hospital.
(photo credit - Gordon Peters / SF Chronicle)
1951.  Near Dolores Park.
(photo credit - Duke
Downey / SF Chronicle)
1962.  Near UC Medical Center.
(photo credit - Mike Chapman / SF Chronicle)
1976.  In the Sunset District, near Lawton & 14th Avenue.
(photo credit - Clem
Albers / SF Chronicle)
1962.  San Francisco Airport.
(photo credit -
Aero Photographers / SF Chronicle)


(all images from SF Chronicle)

21 February, 2011

"Paper Dolls . . . "


How on Earth have I missed hearing about this - and thank heavens for the bus advertisement that I saw, whilst stuck in weird traffic this morning, on the way into work.

Pulp Fashion opened about two weeks ago at the Legion of Honor Museum in San Francisco and is running through June 5.  The name of the exhibit also describes the works themselves.  Period costumes.  Made from paper.  Seriously, paper.

"Belgian artist Isabelle de Borchgrave is a painter by training, but 
textile and costume are her muses. Working in collaboration with 
leading costume historians and young fashion designers, de Borchgrave crafts 
a world of splendor from the simplest rag paper. Painting and manipulating 
the paper, she forms trompe l’oeil masterpieces of elaborate dresses inspired 
by rich depictions in early European painting or by iconic costumes 
in museum collections around the world."

Eleanor of Toledo (above), 2006, inspired by a ca. 1545 portrait of Eleanor and 
her son Giovanni de’ Medici by Agnolo Bronzino in the collection 
of the Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence. 
(Photo: René Stoeltie)

"Eleonora di Toledo with Her Son Giovanni "
(ca. 1545) by Agnolo Bronzino, Galleria degli Uffizi, Florance

Elizabeth I court dress (above), 2001, inspired by a ca. 1599 portrait by 
the studio of Nicholas Hilliard at Hardwick Hall, Derbyshire. 
(Photo: Andreas von Einsiedel)
"Elizabeth I", 1599-1600, Hardwick Hall portrait, 
by Nicolas Hilliard.

(Detail of the dress above)

"Pulp Fashion draws on several themes and presents quintessential examples in 
the history of costume—from Renaissance finery of the Medici family and gowns 
worn by Elizabeth I and Marie-Antoinette to the creations of the grand 
couturiers Frederick Worth, Paul Poiret, Christian Dior, and Coco Chanel. 
Special attention is given to the creations and studio of Mariano 
Fortuny, the eccentric early-20th-century artist who is both 
a major source of inspiration to de Borchgrave and a kindred spirit."

Marie de’ Medici (detail), 2006, inspired by a 1595 portrait by Pietro 
Facchetti in the collection of the Palazzo Lancellotti, Rome. 
(Photo: Andreas von Einsiedel)

Click HERE for ticket information.


(All images from the Legion of Honor Website.)
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