31 May, 2011

"One for Plaid, and Plaid for All . . . "


Just a quick reminder . . . my online sale over at One Kings Lane starts this evening at 6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern time.  Those of you who share my passion (or, I guess you could substitute the word "obsession" - lol) for all things plaid will be greatly pleased at the items on sale!

Also included in the selection are - china and accessories - vintage framed prints and artwork - and a vast selection of decorative pillows - and a curated selection of English and Scottish antiques . . . .

Just in time for your next BIG announcement - an 
English Ceremonial  Drum . . . 

At the end of a long day - rest your feet on a 
beautiful Wool Tweed Upholstered Ottoman  . . .

Or maybe something tiny and amazing - from 
my collection of Victorian Tartanware Boxes . . . .

Remember - Beginning tonight - May 31st - at 9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific - and running through Friday . . .


28 May, 2011

"Happy Memorial Day . . . "


I hope everyone has plans for either an extraordinarily relaxing - or wildly productive - Memorial Day Weekend.  


(photography by Scot Meacham Wood, in East Hampton, NY 2010) 

27 May, 2011

"A Tale of Silk and Feathers . . . "


Last week's visit to New York holds many great memories . . . but, easily one of the most profound was an afternoon visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art - to experience the "Savage Beauty" exhibit.  And I use the word 'experience' instead of simply 'viewing' or 'seeing.'  True art should move you.  Should transform you.  Should alter the vantage point from which you see life.

And seeing the retrospective of visionary Scottish fashion designer Alexander McQueen did that exact thing to me.

Alexander McQueen - (1969 - 2010)
“Alexander McQueen’s iconic designs constitute the work of an artist whose medium of expression was fashion,” said Thomas P. Campbell, Director of The Metropolitan Museum of Art. “This landmark exhibition continues the Museum’s tradition of celebrating designers who changed the course of history and culture by creating new possibilities.”
                                                                        - from the Alexander McQueen Website

The large installation consists of almost a dozen smaller galleries - with various examples of McQueen's work gathered by theme and inspiration more than simply organized by season or collection.  It very clearly highlights many repeating themes that ran throughout his career.  

Following are a several images from the exhibit - as well as some of my all-time
personal favourites from McQueen's runway shows . . .

"Widows of Culloden" Collection, Fall 2006
"Oyster" Dress, Spring 2003
"The Widows of Culloden" Collection, Fall 2006
Savage Beauty Exhibit, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Savage Beauty Exhibit, Metropolitan Museum of Art
Fall 2006

Spring 2007
Alexander McQueen and Sarah Jessica Parker, at the
Metropolitan Museum  Costume Institute's Gala in 2006.
"I will always remember him arriving and walking up the steps to the Metropolitan Museum with Sarah Jessica Parker and the two of them were both these two visions in matching tulle and tartan and he was just so excited and thrilled to be there."
                                                -Anna Wintour, Vogue Magazine 

The following video is an amazing tour through the exhibit.  


25 May, 2011

"The Antidote . . . "

Lee Jofa Showrom, New York City
(photography by Scot Meacham Wood)


We're having one of those rainy, dreary days here in San Francisco today - and I have the perfect antidote - the new collection of textiles from Lee Jofa by Lilly Pulitzer.  Almost bracingly bright.  Saturated with happiness.  Bursting with flavour.  And all ready for your summer.

I had the great opportunity to preview the collection last week while I was in New York for Blogfest 2011, sponsored by Kravet / Lee Jofa, and it was an excellent antidote to an equally rainy, dreary day that seemed to wrap that city.  

Florals.  Turquoise.  Checks.  Watermelon.  Linens.  Limes.  Textiles.  Trims.  Lemon.  Prints.  Happiness.

Enjoy . . . 

Practically perfect in every way.
Lee Jofa Showroom, New York City
(photography by Scot Meacham Wood)

Lee Jofa Showroom, New York City
(photography by Scot Meacham Wood)

Selection from the new textiles at Lee Jofa, from Lilly Pulitzer.
Seriously, the sun JUST came out here . . . almost in response to my posting.

Wow - the power of textiles,

24 May, 2011

"SMW on OKL . . . "


First, get out a pen.  And find your calendar.  Open it up to next week - in fact, next Tuesday, the 31st, in particular - and make a note.

One Kings Lane.  Tastemaker Tag Sale.  Featuring Scot Meacham Wood.  (That's me, by the way!)  At 6pm here in California.  Or 9pm on the East coast.  You fine folks in the middle will have to do your own math.   And the best part - you don't even have to leave the house!  You can shop for everything online! 

The sale features items curated from my own collections . . . framed artwork . . . antique tartanware boxes . . . a parade of decorative pillows . . . vintage china . . . selected furniture . . . and much, much more.  Many items are one of a kind - so be sure to shop early. 

Mark your schedules - next Tuesday evening - May 31st - at 6pm PT. And you can shop from home in your pj's - it's almost like having me over for a mid-week slumber party.

 Until then,

21 May, 2011

"New York City. The First Course . . . "


Did you miss me?  Sorry for the long absence, but I was back in New York last week for the BlogFest 2011 Conference sponsored by Kravet and Lee Jofa . . . and, let me tell you, the event was amazing.  In fact, it was SO amazing - I'm still gathering my thoughts - there's a lot to think about . . . so in the meantime . . . let me offer this . . .

A collection of images from my trip . . . from a gray, dreary couple of days . . . celebrating the beauty of New York City . . . and some great little snacks along the way . . . .



(all photography by Scot Meacham Wood, for The Adventures of Tartanscot)

13 May, 2011

"I'm Gonna Wash That Man . . . "


We all have our morning rituals.  Mine are quite simple.  Up around 6am - to the sound of my iPhone barking like a dog (don't know why, but it's my favourite alarm sound!)  A quick cup of blindingly hot English Breakfast tea . . . maybe a bit of oatmeal with almond butter.  A quick run of a couple of miles - just to get the heart up and pumping - and get the old "grey matter" functioning.

Then - I head to the shower.  There's not a better way to start my day than with a hot shower and clean hair.

A while back I posted a collection of bathroom images - but, the focus seemed to skew a bit more towards bathtubs - and someone rightly commented at the time that we, as a culture, seem to be much more of a 'shower' crowd.  So, I promised then that a 'shower posting' would be in the works - and thus, today little missive was born.

So wipe the steam off the mirror - and have a look . . .

Betty Lou Phillips, for House Beautiful (photography by Nathan Schroder)
Steven Learner, for Elle Decor (photography by Pieter Estersohn)

SMW Design,  Lake Tahoe
Lela Rose, for Elle Decor
(photography by Pieter Estersohn)

SMW Design,  Lake Tahoe
Michael S. Smith, for House Beautiful
But, if you're in a pinch, you can always see if Robert Redford is 
around to help with any hair washing issues.  Seriously.


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