22 August, 2013

"Today. In Instagram News . . . "

"Today.  in footwear news . . . "


Instagram.  If you're not over there . . . you kinda should be.  I love it.  And not just because all the fancy-dancy filters make my photography skills look much sharper than they actually are . . . lol.  As a designer - I'm most always going to be driven by images.  Don't get me wrong - I LOVE me some good prose . . . but, more often than not, it's the picture that's going to grab me.

So for my own instagram feed . . . I try to share a bit of my day . . . a moment of magic . . . a moment of discovery . . . and sometimes just my footwear.

Here's a few of my favourites from the last few days . . . always titled "Today.  in _ _ _ _ _  news. "

"Today.  in textile news . . . "

"Today.  in errand news . . . "

"Today.  in ribbon belt news . . . "

"Today.  in hummingbird news . . . "

"Today.  in antique runner news . . . "

"Today.  in upholstery detail news . . . "

"Today.  in slightly graying temple news . . . "

"Today.  in wrist-party news . . . "

And finally -
"Today.  in skincare news . . . "

If you're already on Instagram - you can find me at @ScotMeachamWood - if not . . . come on along and join in the fun.  


18 August, 2013

"Ralph Lauren - Apartment no. One . . . "


I wanted to grab a tiny bit of your relaxing Sunday to share a few images of the newest Ralph Lauren Home Collection for Fall 2013.  Apartment no. One clearly falls right into the middle of many of my loves.  Rich.  Dark.  Sexy.  Layered.  Tartans.  Tweeds.  Mahogany.  Crystal.  And pugs!

Make yourself a rich, warm cup of tea . . . and enjoy some Ralph Lauren wonderfulness . . .


15 August, 2013

"SMW Lecture Series . . . "


Ok.  Firstly.  That's not quite the most flattering picture that I've ever taken . . . lol . . . but, hey - sometimes when you're in front of a group of people talking about some of the more nitty-gritty aspects of the interior design business . . . things can get a little ugly.

But most importantly . . . in each session (both our 10am and 2pm yesterday) the group was able to honestly talk about some of their struggles . . . and we worked - as a group - to suggest solutions to those common issues of client expectation and understanding . . . and our own abilities to sparkle and impress.

If you're in the bay area - join me for our final lecture in September (I know there are a few seats left for each session!) - you can get details and tickets HERE.  A big thanks to Coupar Consulting and Lisa Davis PR for all of your support and hard help with the series.


08 August, 2013

"Positive Peer Pressure . . . "


Just wanted to share a bit of what has been on my mind over the last few weeks.  I've been thinking a great deal about the subject of peer pressure.  And frankly, some of this might actually stem from a dinner discussion we had the other night with the parents on newly-minted teenagers - and the struggles that that can clearly bring.

But, I'm not a teenager.  Frankly, I barely even remember those awkward years of the early youth.  I'm an almost 50 year-old man running a design business . . . so you might wonder what manner of peer pressure I could be under.

You see . . . what I've done is try to surround myself with amazing people.  Smart people.  Successful people.  People like this.  And this.  And these people.  And this.   And this.  And this.  And THAT is what keeps me moving forward.  Don't get me wrong - I've always been super ambitious.  But, I also know that keeping company with other successful, ambitious folks keeps me from resting on my laurels too long.


06 August, 2013

"Going Back to the Well . . . "


As is almost always the case around here . . . there's a LOT going on.  A few project that we are just finishing up and getting ready to photograph . . . and couple of homes that are RIGHT in the middle of the process - furniture being re-upholstered, drapery just ready to installation . . . and an amazing new project that is just about ready to break-ground for a multi-year remodel.  Whew.

And because it's not using ALL of my creative juices . . . I'm playing around a bit with my own home these days as well.

Now, when I'm working with clients - the design process is much more linear than when I'm working on my own home.  To say that my personal design process is 'fluid' is even an extraordinary understatement.

But, whenever I need to make sure that I'm still 'on target' and haven't veered to far off the mark - I like to go back to some of the first images that inspired the space.  And truly images that I've been infatuated with for more than a decade.

The image above of David Linley's first London apartment is one such picture.  Dark.  Lush.  Dramatic.  Layered.  Comfortable.

All good.

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