30 August, 2016

"We Speak Bespoke . . . "


It's often said that "God is in the details."  Strangely enough, it's also often said that "The Devil is in the details."  So clearly, no matter what direction your moral compass is pointed - 'the details' are going to be incredibly important.  In design, it's always 'the details' that truly brings a space to life - and can elevate even the most mundane aspects of your home into something unique.  Here at Scot Meacham Wood Home, we love creating the perfect accessory for your home - down to the perfect decorative pillow
To customize your own castle, choose from any one of our over 50 textiles and we'll gladly design custom pillows for you.  Monogramming is available as well.

Don't see your clan tartan on our website?

Whether you're a MacDougall or a MacFayden, SMW Home is happy to help source your family tartan for you - and bring a bit of your own Scottish heritage to your home.

Your four legged family member can be a part of your family clan too with SMW Home's Custom Tartan Dog Beds!

For all custom tartan sourcing and custom pillow orders, 
simply inquire at - sales@ScotMeachamWoodHome.com
 You can also shop our extensive collection of decorative pillows and throws on our website.

28 August, 2016

"Sunday Runway - Kevin Kline, circe 1987 . . . "


I can still remember seeing this issue on the newsstand in 1987 while I was living in Colorado.  It's a glorious example of its time - of the style - and of the gloriously talented Kevin Kline.


16 August, 2016

"SMW Home Presents - Fall 2016 . . . "


I know things have been the tiniest bit quiet around here . . . but, I can assure you that we've been super busy here at 'tartan central!'  So - after weeks and weeks of painting, wallpapering, and general errands - I'm completely pleased to present . .  .
Fall 2016

We've been gathering antiques and treasures from far and wide - and we've put together a charming collection of one-of-a-kind furniture pieces pared with our classic tartans to create something completely new and exciting.  I love this charming mixture of chinoiserie, gracious antiques, with a modern hint of chrome

We're also delighted to offer an expanded selection of vintage and antique china, table service, and barware.  Imported from England and Scotland - as well as a few well-chosen pieces of American service - we'll help get your table dressed for guests - or a simple family dinner.

So please stop by and have a look around.  We're serving tea and biscuits on Thursday afternoons - so bring friends by and let's toast to Fall at SMW Home

Scot Meacham Wood Home
is located deep in the heart of the 
San Francisco Design District 
at 101 Henry Adams #429 



09 August, 2016

"Summer Sale - Ends Sunday . . . "


As Summer begin to lean into Fall . . . we're clearing the stockrooms here at Scot Meacham Wood Home!   Take a look through our glorious collection of pillows, barware, and cocktail glasses - but, hurry.  Fall is coming . . . and our sale ends on Sunday!

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