05 December, 2010

"On Broadway . . . "


Now - just so that you understand - I LOVE great theatre.  It's just something so viscerally exciting - watching extraordinary actors, creating magic out of thin air.  Submerging the audience into another world.  Great sets.  Beautiful costumes.  Amazing creativity.  And sometimes, they even burst into song.

Having just returned from a week in New York visiting my mom - easily, one of the best aspects of our time there was three amazing nights of Broadway theatre.

Often when I'm getting ready for a theatre trip to New York, I think about it almost like deciding on a menu for a dinner party.  It's all about balance.  And pairing tastes together.  Not too many musicals.  Not too many 'big-budget' shows.  Something light and clever to start with.  Something lush a filling for the main course.  And something amusing for dessert.

Here's how the most recent trip tasted . . .

Opening course, "Brief Encounter," by Noel Coward.

Imaginative.  Engaging.  Surprising.
As Mother and I were walking back to our hotel her first comment was, "Can you even *imagine* the first creative meeting.  The first time someone said, 'I know.  Let's use projected movie images, and puppets, and Rachmaninoff.'"
Tickets are available HERE.

Main Course, "A Little Night Music," by Stephen Sondheim. 

Okay.  Seriously.  Last Wednesday night, I sat in a darkened theatre not more than 35 feet from
Bernadette Peters.  And watched as that luminous creature radiated a full range of emotions.  
On a smallish stage.  With a 'rubic's cube' of a set that delighted ALL my architectural senses.
I almost exploded with delight.
Tickets are available HERE.

And for dessert, "Memphis," by

The 2010 Tony Award winner.  If you love rhythm and blues with a little bit of gospel tossed in for good measure, this is the show for you.
Tickets are available HERE.

Yum.  That was tasty.  And a delight.  

We're getting in some great entries in the holiday decorating contest - I'll start sharing a few next week - thank you to those who've already entered - and I encourage the rest of you to get those cameras out. 



Designs By Pinky said...

Thanks so much for the clip of Bernadette P. singing the song. That song was my in-laws. Mom is gone but Pop lives on, although with Altzheimers. They were a beautiful couple for over 50 years. Thanks for the memories! XO, Pinky

Susie Q said...

There is nothing like live theater is there!!
I so enjoyed this post today Scott!

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