"And Yet More Entries . . . "

Anne Fifer, California


There was a bumper crop of entries this morning in my in-box!  Just wanted to share a small portion of them with you.  All with such great ideas - and homes just filled with the holiday spirit.  Enjoy . . .

Janet & Joy, The Moggit Girls

Kristen Mullen, Texas

Linda Braden, Texas

Pat McIntosh, California 

Francine Gardner, New York

Jane Peak, Ohio

Robin Preussker, California 

Anne Fifer, California
D. Meacham, Utah

Hugh Luck, New Jersey

Jen Borba, California

As of this evening at 11:59 (eastern time), I'll have to close down the contest and start organizing the entries to get them to our great panel of judges.  I don't envy them their task of deciding on a winner.  So get those last-minute entries in.  You can check HERE for all the entry details.



How on earth are you going to pick a winner? All of them..........simply gorgeous. What a talented group of holiday decorators!
Design Elements said…
the contest is a wonderful idea. i've enjoyed all the pics.
All of these rooms are just spectacular. So many great ideas here!

Unknown said…
Hugh Luck, New Jersey--BEST TREE!

I mean really...look at it. PERFECT, UNIQUE, STUNNING, BEAUTIFUL!
A Casa da Vá said…
So many gorgeous homes! I haven't started decorating yet but just got inspired!
La Dolfina said…
You must have died over Hugh Luck's Christmas Tree!!!
Seriously WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
La Dolfina said…
Hi Scot,
I just posted about your contest to hopefully get you a last minute flurry of new entries, not that you need them :)
You've received some great ones. I feel for your judges :)
Merry Wednesday!!!
City_Zen @citypassion said…
All of today's rooms are so terrific and reflect the owner's holiday style. Two speak to me, though: Anne Fifer (makes me feel I've stepped into the time machine and am ready to open presents in my childhood home), and Hugh Luck (clearly a nom de plume for someone who throws outrageous parties and pays heavenly bills).
WOW...all so different...all so beautiful and personal...exactly the way it should be
katiedid said…
OK....I gotta go with Hugh Luck on the tree. Inventive, witty, beautiful, unique....fantastic!!!!

And I will be throwing my hat in the ring here shortly. ;)
julie bova said…

I love so many...Maybe Hugh Luck!!
Such a fab name too!

Hugh Luck has my vote!

kpotter19 said…
Ok, so I know we don't get a vote, but if I did mine would go to Hugh Luck. WOW!!! I think this tree is absolutely stunning and so original! I think they're all very beautiful, but his really stands out to me as being clever and unique.
Stitchfork said…
new follower here - found you via Teri at La Dolfina. Hugh Luck's tree has me smiling, fun tree!
Unknown said…
Such talented readers...can't wait to see who the winner will be!
Reggie Darling said…
They keep getting better and better!
Maggie O said…
OMG, I cannot believe the talented,fun, energy filled, awe inspiring work you have brought out in these decorators and I must say artist extraodinaire in Hugh Luck's work. That tree is amazing and it is "art". Now that you have started this how about a "book" with all these in it, some of the comments. and introducing the participants with what thier work all means and how they were put together,, inspired etc. I can see it on the bookstore shelves next Christmas to give otheres the inspiration and motiviation they need to create something personal and beyond the ordinary. Absolutely marvellous!!
Maggie O said…
Sorry about the typos. I was so excited!!

One need never apologize for being over-excited about holiday decorating!

I love the idea of a book!!! It would be fabulous!!!! Great idea! I am on pins and needles waiting for the winners!!!!! XO, Pinky

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