31 August, 2015

"Thank you Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles . . . "

Greetings -

A bog "thank you" to Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles for including SMW Home in their Fall issue highlighting our selection of antique Victorian tartanware boxes and accessories.  If you're a tartanware collector like I am - browse our collection!  We'll have more pieces available for holiday soon!


29 August, 2015

"Let's Toast to the Weekend . . . "

Greetings -

Sometimes we all could use a drink.  Or two.  Or a set of four - Tally-Ho Cocktail Glasses.


28 August, 2015

"Inspiration Point - Alexa Hampton . . . "

Greetings -

One can rarely speak about inspiring design without a serious nod to the work of Alexa Hampton.

This is a tiny corner from Alexa's space at Kips Bay Decorator Show House a few years back - but, it never fails to delight me.


26 August, 2015

"Inspiration Point - RBP . . . "

Greetings -

I've been doing a bit of work on my own home lately . . . a whenever I decide to up-end my own apple cart - I like to reach back and touch base on images and things that have always inspired me.  Which is the long way of saying . . . sweet lordy y'all . . . I have always loved the work of Roger Banks-Pye.  I have the original magazine that these images were published in . . . and they never cease to delight me.

I'm seeing some serious navy gingham in my very near future.


25 August, 2015

"Thank you San Francisco Cottages & Gardens . . . "

Greetings -

I can't begin to thank everyone for their support during the launch of Scot Meacham Wood Home.  It seems like I've been toiling away at this for so long . . . and I'm so excited to FINALLY be able to share everything with y'all.

A special thank you to editor Alisa Carroll and San Francisco Cottages & Gardens for this lovely mention of our textile collection.  As I have often (well occasionally) said, "One does not live by tartan alone!" So I'm especially delighted to see our Mary Ann Damask highlighted in the September issue.  The 100% wool damask features a winding leaf pattern - and is also reversible.  It's also quite dear to me as it is named after my mom - and her love of gardening.

If you haven't had a moment - stop by Scot Meacham Wood Home and have a look at our excited collection!


19 August, 2015

"Thank you House Beautiful . . . "

Greetings -

I can't begin to express how grateful I am to Sophie Donelson and the entire team at House Beautiful for this marvelous preview of our new collection at Scot Meacham Wood Home.  If you want a closer look at our collection of decorative pillow . . . swing by and take a look.


11 August, 2015

"Scot Meacham Wood Home . . . "


Today is an incredibly exciting day around here.  After years (and I do mean years!) of plotting and planning . . . I'm delighted to announce that Scot Meacham Wood Home is ready for business.

"Scot Meacham Wood is delighted to present his luxury lifestyle 
brand, Scot Meacham Wood Home. Inspired by the romance of the Scottish 
countryside and his own Southern heritage, Scot has curated a one-of-a-kind 
collection of textiles, custom-dyed trimmings, upholstered furnishings, antiques, 
artwork, Victorian tartanware, and home accessories. Scot Meacham Wood Home features 50 
sumptuous fabrics imported from a historic Scottish mill highlighting 
traditional tartans as well as modern interpretations of this classic textile.  
SMW Home also includes a beautiful assortment of accessories for the home as 
well as treasures gathered from around the world.  Modern.  Classic.  Fresh.  Traditional.
Welcome to SMW Home."

A selection of our over 50 textiles.
A beautiful Gunn Modern tartan,Chisholm tartan,
and Stuart of Bute tartan all gathered
into a joyous collection. 

A wee gathering of our selection of decorative pillows!
All made from 100% wool textiles.

A sampling of our over 50 tartans,
tweeds, tattersalls, and damasks.  

But, clearly - one does not live by the tartan alone.
We also have a lovely selection of damasks,
paisleys, and tattersalls to complete any room.  This one
is a particular favourite, "Mary Ann Damask", named
after my dear mother and her love of indoor gardening. 
If you have a moment - stop by and take a look - maybe make a quick cup of tea first . . .


(photos by Nicolas Smith Photography)
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