26 September, 2011

"SMW. In the Kitchen . . . "


You will all know exactly what I mean.  It's happened to each of us.  You're just home from a long, hard workout on Saturday morning.  After a quick impromptu picnic with friends.  Maybe still a little high on the endorphin rush from a long run on the beach.  And also, maybe a little too much coffee.

So after walking into the kitchen to put the day's mail away.  You re-organize the little area where the mail is kept.

And after dropping a bill on the floor, you glance over and see that a few of the larger serving pieces have drifted from their usual places on the open shelving.

Oh, and that silver could use a quick polish.  And wow, what if you hung this little picture right here?  You've always needed a little something there.

And then - it's two and a half hours later.  Still in your workout clothes.  Un-showered.  And, besides making a fresh pot of coffee, you've moved almost everything in the kitchen.

And then - to celebrate - you take pictures!

yeah, you know exactly what I mean . . .


21 September, 2011

"It Was a Dark and Stormy . . . "

Photographer, Vincent Thibert


Just feeling a little grand and european this afternoon - and thought I'd share a favourite.  This is one of those pictures that's been squirreled away in my 'inspiration' files forever.

And as much as I love each of the details of the space (the paintings, the amazing tiled floors, and rumpled bed linens) - I truly love how the room feels!  You can almost taste the intrigue.  Almost feel the scandal.

Come on.  Let's make up a story . . . .


You can see more of Vincent's work HERE.

18 September, 2011

"Sunday Runway, RL Collection 2012 . . . "


To say that it all seemed to 'simply float by' is somewhat of an understatement!  Just like a sudden spring shower of charmeuse, printed chiffon, and feathers . . . all in a palette of pastels that at times felt like a hazy recollection of a long-forgotten era . . . gracious.  graceful.  and glamorous.  For me, Ralph Lauren's dreamy collection fro Spring 2012  was one of the highlights of fashion week last week.

Here's a few of my favourite ensembles from the show . . .

Ralph Lauren - accepting his ovation after the show 

Oh, the grand "Daisy Buchanan-ness of it all" . . .


13 September, 2011

"Like a Meteor Through Space . . . "


It's not that I want to upset anyone out there . . . I know that a great many of you drop in here for a quick respite from your day's hectic activities.  Maybe a little something to inspire your own creativity. Or to see a little glimpse behind the scenes here at SMW Design.  But.  Seriously.  Not that you need to panic.  But.  It's like 102 days until Christmas.

Now, long time readers of my little missives will know that I'm a huge fan of the holidays.  That I start planning each year's holiday decorations months in advance.  (and, yes - I have a few minor sketches of this year's celebrations at the house.)

But, while relaxing on the sofa last evening (after watching the season finale of True Blood),  I saw it.  Almost in its entirety.  The colour story.  The greenery.  And even part of the menu for one of the cocktail parties at the house.  I can't wait to get started . . .

And.  While we're on the topic of the upcoming holidays - just because we had SO much fun last year.  Let's have our "Holiday Decorating Contest" again this year.  No reason to yabber on about prizes or judges at this point.  Just sending out the information in advance.  Get those thinking caps on.

If you need some inspiration - here's a little peek of Holidays past from here at the house . . .


11 September, 2011

"Sunday Runway, Simply Blue . . . "


I'm always fascinated by Paul Newman.  And not just his extraordinary skills as one of our great actors and film stars.  Or his piercing blue eyes.  But, because of his incredible style.  Simple.  Style.  There's something about this confident fellow - in a simple white oxford - and a pair of well-fitting khaki trousers.  Looking amazing.  Whether with his beloved Joanne - or a casual game of table tennis with Robert Redford - style.  Simply style. 


06 September, 2011

"Dogs and Beds . . . "


I would have given anything on this earth - to still be in bed today.  Just thought I'd share . . .


from here.

05 September, 2011

"Happy Labor Day . . . . "


Just wanted to wish everyone an amazing Labor Day.


04 September, 2011

"Sunday Runway, Neither Paper Nor Plastic . . . "


A big part of my day is the endless lugging around of the numerous bits of paper and fabric required for most any meeting I'm involved with.  Workroom quotes.  Textile samples.  Wood finishes.  As well as my trusty tape measure and digital camera.  

So as we approach Labor Day - let's talk about the "work bag."

The ever-swank Nick Wooster.

From Ralph Lauren . . . 

Stephan Hilpond, for Citizen Couture

From The Sartorialist.
So I'm always on the lookout for a messenger bag.  Or a briefcase.  Or some sort of carry-all.   And the sad truth is that I have an every-growing collection of bags at this point.  Here's a peek at a few of my favourites . . .

My go-to bag.  From Paul Smith. 
A recent addition. A great Union Jack bag from Barbour.

A great vintage bag - that I actually found at a flea market.
And my newest addition - a great wool tweed messenger bag - just waiting for a change in the weather . . . 
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