12 December, 2010

"Just Keepin' It Real . . . "


It's not always tuxedos and catered dinners around here.  Though it might seem that way to the outside observer.  Some days are madly glamorous, some days are just not.  So, just to prove the point, I thought I'd share two very different pictures of my home from last weekend.

I think most of you are familiar with this first one.  Taken at 8:06 last Saturday night.  Just before the guests began arriving for a cocktail party at my home. 

But, you should also know that just about 24 hours later, at 7:36 on Sunday night when it was just the two of us, starving and tired from a day of cleaning and 'party recovery' - it looked like this -

Just keepin' it real,


quintessence said...

Love seeing the spectacular glamour of the first shot but nice to know you're a regular guy!

Belle de Ville said...

Just classic! Thank you for the dressed up and the dressed down tables.

Unknown said...

Both look equally delightful! There's nothing like a lazy pizza day to recover from a party.

ann chamberlain said...

Love the difference. It is nice to see that even with a boxed pizza and soft drink the table is still very elegant.
Love reading the blog.

vignette design said...

That pizza box looks fabulous on your table! Just saw the Chronicle story. How cool is that!? I so love those tartan upholstered chairs in the dining room!

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

Oh, THANK YOU!!! WE just had a holiday Open HOuse today and out table loooked gorgeous this afternoon. Tomorrow....it'll be like your secind picture:):) Thanks so much for "keepin it real"!!!! We are all just human. Thank GOD it doesn't have to be perfect all the time!!!!!!!!!! XO, Pinky

Susie Q said...

Ah but even your dressed *down* table looks inviting! You know you have talent and class when that happens!!
Hope you are both rested now...you deserve that!!

designchic said...

Love both decors...fun to have a glamorous, elegant party, but equally as exciting is the laid back, and relaxed one...thanks for sharing both images!!

Anonymous said...

Now I want cold pizza for breakfast :) But hey -- its still a beautiful room regardless of what is on the table !!!

Unknown said...

What a fabulous visual commentary! The tale of two dinners. both lovely in their own way - I love it.

Scot Meacham Wood said...

Y'all are SO sweet - lol - we were just getting ready to sit down to our 'little pizza dinner' and I loved the contrast of the two evenings!

Happy Christmas!

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