31 May, 2012

"Bring Your Readers to Work Day . . . "


I've been in and out of the office so much these last few weeks . . . between traveling for High Point Market, Blogfest (which I still need to report on . . . sorry!), working here in San Francisco - and with several projects on the east coast . . . it's always great to know I'm settled back in my bright, little office - for at least a week or so!  I moved into this space almost exactly a year ago.  And I recall saying then that I would post pictures once everything was done.

And, no.  It's not like it has taken a year to finish the office.  It's just taken that long to finish it.  And photograph it.  And put together a post here . . . lol.

And since I know y'all love a good before and after story . . . .

Let's cast our collective memories back a year ago . . .

And recall those first images that I posted on Facebook about the new office space . . .

Yep.  This is what we started with.  

Beautiful vintage hardwood floors.  

A great view of the park.  

Glorious morning light.  

A functioning fireplace. 

And a little room to grow . . . .

And now, let's just leap to the present.  

You may recognize some of those tartan chairs from our holiday shoot for Rue Magazine a few years back.  Well, they wandered into the office a few months ago - and are just happy as clams to be here. 

Everyone has their morning ritual.  Around here, it involves coffee. 

And I can assure you - my desk is rarely this clean - lol.  

For those of you interested in those jaunty little tartan dressers.  They're basically from IKEA.  And then painted black.  With bevelled mirrored tops.  And tartan wallpapered drawer fronts.  
Sometimes you just need a little weekend project.  lol.  

Our sample and catalogue library.  And the every-useful work table. 

Just a small portion of our design books. 

Thanks for stopping by,

29 May, 2012

"Happy Birthday To You . . . "


I had the great pleasure over the holiday weekend of having a front row seat for the parade of ships celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge.  We were out on the bay for about 3 hours - welcoming the USS Nimitz as it sailed under the bridge around 1pm on Sunday afternoon.

Enjoy . . .

Heading out towards the Golden Gate Bridge . . .  

. . . and what a sight it was.  The gray morning was just beginning to yield way to a gloriously bright afternoon . . . but, the bridge looks amazing in any weather! 

The USS Nimitz . . . and her full compliment of crew standing on deck to greet us . . . just entering the San Francisco Bay.

My great friend Stacy was able to join us for our little jaunt . . . 

Heading back into the harbor - after a great afternoon . . . 

So after our adventures on the water . . . and a late lunch (and, frankly, a quick nap!), we headed out again.  But, this time by land.  Hiking up into the woods in the Presidio to see the celebratory fireworks Sunday evening for the bridge's 75th birthday. 

You can just make out the shape of the south tower (just to the left of the fireworks)

The spectacle included flood lights . . . as well as fireworks launched from a barge moving through the bay. 

All in all . . . an amazing day.  Fire and water.  Sun and moon.  And good friends completing a great day.


(all photography, Scot Meacham Wood for Tartanscot)

20 May, 2012

"Sunday Runway, an Etude in Stripes . . . "


Summer's coming.  Relax and enjoy . . .

And as always, don't forget the sunscreen.


16 May, 2012

"As The Fan Deck Turns . . . "


The interior design process is never quite as linear as one might expect it to be.  At least that's true for me.  There are blissful moments of pure, theoretical design.  But, soon afterwards - we all have to deal with things like back-order dates and budget constraints . . . and making what sometimes feel like 'Sophie's Choice' level decisions.  Where we might want to spend extra funds . . . or what could be worth the wait based on lead-times.   It's beautiful . . . but, not for 16 weeks.  Yin.  And yang.  Maybe this.  But, then maybe not that?  

But, much like hard-set concrete . . . at its earliest points . . . it's all kinda fluid . . . 

So in today's concrete mixing truck (remember those trucks that you would see driving through town . . . with the logo right-side-up . . . and then up-side-down . . . then right-side-up again - as it slowly threaded its way to the construction site) . . . 

(this is clearly going to one of those 'stream-of-consciousness' posts . . . I can just tell . . . )

With lots of elipses.  And parenthetical information . . . lol.  (like this) . . . and this . . . 

So . . . what's in today's concrete mixer?   (I'm very clearly seeing the SMW Design truck driving around San Francisco . . . with our logo slowly revolving)  Ideas still fluid . . . but, decisions need to be made.  We're working on the perfect green for the front door for one of our current projects.  
Apple?  Kelly?  Lime?  Forest?  

So . . . I've just been pulling any image that strike me.  Truly, inspiration can come from anything and anywhere.  (The images for this post were simply collected from my pinterest page . . . I've had 'green' on my mind for kind of a while now) How about the tart, apple-y green of a needlepoint slipper . . . 

Or a clearer . . . bolder green.  From a bright cotton chino blazer . . . 

Oscar de la Renta.
Something much more dramatic . . . .

Or much deeper and more mysterious . . . almost a black . . . 

Maybe something with a little more blue . . . 

The other crazy part of dealing with any paint colour . . . is . . . there's the colour you choose.  And then there's the colour you have to paint it to look like the colour you chose in the specific lighting of the space.  Well . . . depending on what time of day it is.  

If ever there were one . . . 'paint' is a moving target. 

Michael Bastian, Fall 2010
So, for those of you who think I just sit around all day picking out tassel-fringe for decorative pillows and sipping coffee are woefully mistaken . . . lol . . .  

Because . . . I'm seeing a front door in my near future.  Painted 6 to 8 differing shades of green.  And visited several times over the course of several days to find the perfect answer.  And the 'sipping coffee' part will be much more of a 'swigging coffee in the car' on the way over to see what the paint looks like in the afternoon sun.  And in the fog. 

And I also need to find tassel-fringe.  (because a little decorative trim never did a pillow wrong . . . )

Knock.  Knock.  Knock. 
"Is the right colour here?"

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