03 January, 2017

"Design Inspiration - Big Ruth Paisley . . . "

my grandmother - "Big Ruth"


I want to first tell you how hard it can be to design a textile collection.  But, you should also understand how incredibly challenging it can also be to name all of them - lol.  During my visit to Scotland, as I put the finishing touches on the SMW Home textile collection, I spent one final night in Edinburgh before flying back to the states the next morning.  That last evening I spent most of my evening scribbling down possible names for each of the textiles in the collection.  Obviously the clan tartans are named for the clans - but, there was so much more to deal with -

So let me tell you a bit about 'Big Ruth' . . .

My maternal grandmother was named "Ruth."  
But, so is my first cousin.  
So all of my life we have had 'Big Ruth' and 'Little Ruth.'  
My grandmother - or Big Ruth - was an endlessly chic hostess in the city in Alabama where she lived.
Always known for her stylish tweed suits and collection of fur 
coats - I know she cut quite a figure all of her life.

So this over-sized wool paisley from our collection seemed the perfect fit for her!  
The bold scale certainly matched her personality - and I 
think she would have loved the classic colours of each shade.  
Bold.  Chic.  Stylish.  Just like Grandmother Big Ruth. 
I've had fun telling some of the back-stories of some of our textiles - you can also find out more about Ryder, Radecliffe, and Sebastian. Stay tuned for more tales and inspirations for our textiles collection at SWW Home.

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