17 December, 2010

"And Just in Under the Wire . . . "

Kristen Mullen, TX


So a quick glimpse into my evening last night - I had a last minute rehearsal for a Lessons & Carols Service that I'm singing on Sunday morning - so I was away from my office and also had my phone turned off for most of the late afternoon and evening - whilst we were practicing.

So image my surprise when I switch my little iPhone on late last night - to see the swarm of last-minute entries in the Tartanscot Holiday Decorating Contest.  I've spent a good part of the morning just getting them all sorted.

Here's a few to share . . .

James Hamm, North Carolina

Scott Schaeffer, Arizona

Katie Denham, California

Eileen Krammer, Minnesota

Matthew McDonald, New Jersey
Now everything is off to our illustrious judges.  I'll post our winners in each category next week.

For all of you how took the time to photograph your home and share your great ideas and holiday spirit not only with me, but with my readers here at Tartanscot, I can't begin to thank you enough.  There simply wasn't time or space to post every image, but I was charmed and delighted opening each email every morning.

Cheers - and a massive thank you!


Linda in AZ * said...

* This has been suuuuch a DELIGHTFUL "PROJECT", that I just HATE to see it END!!! Can't it just run ALLLL year long?????

Warmest holiday wishes,
Linda in AZ *

La Dolfina said...

Nice flurry of last minute entries!
Love Katie's mantle.

Cristin @ Simplified Bee said...

Scot, this have been so fun to see all the entries...


Designs By Pinky said...

Good luck to all the entrants! Thanks for doing this, Scot!!! On pins and needles here:):) XO, Pinky

Sarah at Finishing Touch Interiors said...

There is something so magical about a big open fireplace at christmas isnt there. Love the pictures. Merry Christmas Scot
Sarah :)

Eileen Krammer said...

Scot, thank you so much for hosting the Holiday Decorating Contest. I truly loved being one of your entries. Most of all I enjoyed seeing everyone’s designs and gorgeous presentations. I love reading your web-site!

Merry Christmas,

Eileen Krammer

Claudia Juestel said...

Some great choices Scot. It will be hard for the judges.



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