"Anatomy of an Entrance . . . "

SMW Design, East Hampton, NY.


For those of you who might not know, I'm in the process of moving my office into a larger space - and expanding the staff a little bit.  That's the good news.  The bad news is I'm moving my office into a larger space and having to go through what seems like billions of pieces of paper in the process.  Invoices.  Receipts.  Workroom orders.  Pizza delivery menus.  You can well imagine!

The fun part is that I'm finding all manner of pictures and hand-scribbled notes from past projects - including this little progression of the entrance to one of our projects in the Hamptons . . .

Here's what we started with.  Beautiful architecture.
A paint colour that we needed to tweak a tiny bit.  And a few pieces of existing artwork.

Here's what I envisioned.  We would re-use an existing console that the homeowner already owned - but flank it with a pair of beautiful arm chairs to expand the presentation.   Re-use some of the existing artwork.  Add a large gold gilt mirror.  And then, prop out the surface of the console with something lovely - but pieces that didn't need a great deal of maintenance.  

Fast forwards a few months and . . . 

Here's how it turned out.  We  just added flowers and decorative pillows - and the space feels perfect.   A play of dark and light.   Antique and modern.  Formal and casual.  

And the mirror-polished herringbone floors don't hurt either . . . lol . . . but, with sensible sisal carpets at the entrances to keep and sand out.



Gorgeous! Love seeing you sketch and how it turned out!
squeebury said…
Absolute perfection!
Love it. Those pillows are gorgeous! I want them in blue! Do you have a source to share???? Pinky
Unknown said…
Beautiful! And, I love that you included your hand sketch.

I have the details on the pillow textiles at the office - I'll get you the info tomorrow!

JWC said…
So beautiful! Love the layering of artwork with the more formal mirror and the juxtaposition of the console table with the antique trunk.
Beautiful entrance Scot. Also congrats on your expansion. Shiree'
LadyeLisa said…
That first image is one of my all-time favorites from SMW Design. Just stunning!
Great transformation.Good design makes all the difference!
Maison de lin said…

Everthing you do is perfect! Good design makes people happy.

Greetings from Belgium
~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said…
Greetings Scot~ ~
Congratulations on the growth of your business. Lovely space. I have been looking for a creamy pale yellow paint and I love your choice. Will you share your color? I find it difficult to get yellows and white to look good together, any suggestions?
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~
Always when we are already busy moving we get busier with what we forgot in our drawers. Best wishes for the new larger office!
Stu Hodgkiss said…
Great HAllway, inspired!

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