"Pass. Tell. Pink . . . "


We're having a shockingly bright, cheery couple of days here in San Francisco this week.  The flowers are blooming.  The skies are clear and a perfect bright blue.   And I'm fascinated with these cheery, bright interiors . . .

SMW Design, East Hampton, NY
(photography by Scot Meacham Wood)
Martyn Lawrence Bullard, for Architectural Digest 
(photography by Roger Davies)
The Home of LA Designer Joe Nye, for House Beautiful
(photography by Roger Davies)

Larry Laslo Designs
The Home of Lindsey Buckingham, from Elle Decor 
(photographed by Simon Upton)

Jamie Drake, New York, NY



Honestly speaking, pink is not my favorite color to decorate with. I get tired of it too soon. BUT... I think a pink throw can make any room feel just like summer, which is just perfect for now.

Beautiful photos!

Enjoy your 1st day of Summer!!!


Luciane at HomeBunch.com
Victoria said…
the first photo in this post divine Scot, just divine.
Whitney said…
Yay for pink! Pretty, perky, pleasant PINK! It creates a soft atmosphere, and everyone's complexion looks phenomenal in a pink room. Thanks tartanScot!
Karena said…
Hi Scot,

Jamie Drake's room takes my breath away!! Gorgeous!

Art by Karena
j'adore pink aussi. Even wearing it today ... The AD shot w/pink throw & vintage framed vogue shots is one of my new fave rooms.
Verdigris Vie said…
Isn't it great? It's that time of year where you can't get enough of bright beautiful colour. Especially punchy pink.

Hope you are doing great!
Maison de lin said…

For me, the second pic is just perfect. This blogspot is divine!

I too love all the yummy colors..something so uplifting and happy about them! I believe color has such a huge impact on our mood and general well being....though I have yet to use pink in my own home, have to say when its just the right shade, its mighty pretty!!
PS Macaroons however I love in EVERY shade...lol!
Design Elements said…
pink always reminds me of Karim Rashid :-) lovely selection of images!
Great pictures, and oh lordy, we could swim the atlantic for a Laduree macaroon.
great pics! wanna follow eachothers?

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