05 June, 2011

"Sunday Runway . . . "


As is often the case, it takes someone else to see your work in its clearest form.  Several weeks back when I posted images from the Alexander McQueen show in New York, someone commented that they loved my blog because it was "the perfect intersection of interior design and fashion."  And as I look back over several years of posts - I REALLY love that description!

So I thought I take a stab at some organization here at Tartanscot - and use our Sundays together to highlight some of my favourite fashion images.

So, let's open with a classic - a behind-the-scenes video from the Spring 2011 advert shoot for one of my favourite shops - Hackett of London's . . . enjoy . . . .



JWC said...

Love everything about this...

flowers on my table said...

Great video, looked like they really enjoyed making it. Linda x

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