18 June, 2011

"Happy Father's Day . . . "


Wishing a Happy Father's Day to all the guys this weekend.  How are you planning to celebrate Dad's special day?



Karena said...

Hi Scot I will be stopping by my Parent in the AM with a gift including Pistachios, my Father's favorite!

Art by Karena

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Anonymous said...

Dad's are very important people in our lives!

I am a decorator; have been for 40 years. My Dad died when I was 4; however......I remember him telling me to color....outside of the lines....in my coloring book.....55 years ago! He was a wonderful artist.....and I believe I inherited my talent as a decorator from him!

Happy fathers day to all the great fathers!

I married the best father ever.....and we raised an amazing "blended" family of three girls.....one of mine..two of his.....and they were 7 and 11 and 13; they are now 41, 45 and 47!! and we are still a happy blended family.......for ONE REASON!

The FATHER! He did it!

Happy father's day to all great fathers!

Love your blog!!


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