"Yes. Please. Thank You . . . "


After a long, and aggressively dreary day here in San Francisco on Tuesday - I thought we could all use a little something to brighten our Wednesday.  So I offer to you - the vacation home of Oscar de la Renta in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.  You're welcome.



Whitney said…
Ahhhh, I needed that.

Grazie. Merci. Gracias. Arigato.
xx, Whitney from Consider Yourself At Home
Karena said…
Yes Scott, that sea coral in red is exquisite!!

Art by Karena
Love all the blue and white and the stacks of books.
Well, thank you! This warm, inviting room brightened my cold and rainy day in Vancouver.
Squeak said…
Heaven, I'm in heaven ...!
A fabulous beach house! But I cannot imagine how the books will survive. (Perhaps there are no rare tomes and all have a fast turnover).
quite a collection of Ginger Jars, love the coral and all the books....who does the dusting?
The blue and white is gorgeous but that coral is amazing!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!
I love the blue and white with the red of the coral! Perfect!
Ms. Smart said…
meet ya there for hot cup of tea and a biscuit of sorts.
Erika said…
Thus it looks like in my house. I am a bookworm.
Unknown said…
Ahhh...I recall those chilly, sometimes dreary San Fran summers.

I'd be Oscars guest anytime!!!

Sending you sunshine!
xo Elizabeth
quintessence said…
Yes exactly - thank you!

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