23 June, 2011

"Company . . . "


And now for something completely different.  But, I wanted to give a quick moment of attention to an amazing film I saw the other night.  "Company" is the potent Sondheim musical examining the highs and lows of married life - from the perspective of the eternally single 'Bobby.'  And was recently revived in a limited run in New York - with an amazing all-star cast.

But, why would I be telling you about this?!?!?!?  Well, simply, they filmed the stage presentation and have produced a film of the show.  And seriously, it's beautifully filmed.  We saw it just the other night and loved it!

So - check through the list of showtimes around the country HERE - and take an evening to revel in a delightful night with Sondheim.  And Neil Patrick Harris.  And Patti LuPone.  And Martha Plimpton (who is sublime!).  And Christina Hendricks.  And Stephen Cobert.

Here's a litle peek -

Pass the popcorn,


The enchanted home said...

Looks fantastic...love Neal Patrick Harris, he is so versatile and talented. Looks like a good one!

brooke said...

I have performed several songs from Company and would LOVE to have seen this in NYC. Thanks for sharing. I will definitely be checking this one out! xoxo


It was one of my favorite shows in the original, and the newly staged version is even better. Amazingly talented actors and actresses work really hard. Can't wait to see the movie of it. Thanks for sharing, Scott.


Brilliant! I will try to find it in Canada.

Cheers! Mr.

Iván Meade
Meade Design Group

melissa said...

Saw it last night on your recommendation. BRILLIANT! I can't say enough about all of the cast, but Patti LuPone knocked my socks off! Thanks, Tartanscot!


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