"All the Best . . . "


I'm just pleased and delighted to be profiled on Ronda Carman's All the Best today.  You can read the complete interview HERE

Thanks Ronda!


Splendid Sass said…
Will head on over there!
My Notting Hill said…
Headed over to read it now. By the way, I love the color blue you're wearing in the photo - looks great!
Richard Morales said…
Love this pic from the interview. Thinking about the next great design, I bet!
You are most welcome! Love ya! xo
Hey, I just met you and already you are a star! Congratulations. Enjoy.
Grant K. Gibson said…
That is a FABU photo of you! Who took that? Love it!
@Grant - that would be the work of the amazing Nicolas Smith. You should try him -
Mrs. Blandings said…
Absolutely will - and, I agree with Grant. H-O-T hot.
Scot, you handsome devil. Great interview and I loved your thoughts on your friends and family.
Scot, that is one crazy FABULOUS photo!! Very "Profumo Affair" meets Cary Grant. Can't wait to read Ronda's interview about you, (I will head over there now)... Your blog is always inspiring, stylish to the nth degree and never fails to make my day a little better. Congratulations, and do tell me when you're next in LA.


P.S. My Dawnridge connection came through!
Anonymous said…
Dear Scot, Wonderful and thoughtful interview. Love your work, especially the Castle. Your blog is always a joy to read and thank you for the music clips like the one you put in last Christmas, just magical. Best to you, Joyce
Hi Scott...I enjoyed the article! So nice to know a little bit more about you...And yes, that is a seriously cool picture of you.:)

Have a great weekend!
Enjoyed the interview and the images. It is always great to read more about people I admire and bloogers I follow. What a portrait!
Claudia Juestel said…
Congratulations Scot! You are in very good company, and that photo of you is absolutely fabuloso!



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