"Suzanne Tucker - at One Kings Lane . . . "


Just a quick reminder - this weekend's Tastemaker Tag Sale over at One Kings Lane is featuring items from Hillary Thomas - AND - San Francisco's own (and a dear friend of mine) Suzanne Tucker.  

These online sales gives everyone a chance at some amazing products - hand-picked from designers around the country - and you can shop from your computer whilst still in bed . . . lol!

So set those alarm clocks (8am pacific) or get home early from brunch (11am eastern) for Saturday morning and 'get your shop on.'  The sale continues through the weekend - but many items are one of a kind - so things can move quickly!

See you at the virtual tag sale in the morning - I'll be the one in the plaid pajamas.



God I love that room....


LadyeLisa said…
Shopping in my fluffy bathrobe . . . gotta love it!

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