"W is for . . . "


Well, we're almost finished.  I hope you've all enjoyed our alphabet tour this summer - it's been fun exploring all of the aspects of my life that bring me the most joy . . . 

Frankly, this one's easy.  

It's been in my life for just over three years.

And brings a bright smile to my face most every time I see it.

"W" is for . . .  

My Bright Red Mini Cooper, 

Chic.  Stylish.  And I can park it almost ANYWHERE in this massively parking-challenged city.



Splendid Sass said…
Oh how darling!
Have a nice weekend.
Anonymous said…
Hi Scot, Great name, I think I can guess who it is named after. Love that red, white and black, that car is classic, great choice! and great weekend to you, Joyce
How cute and so practical! Does it have a plaid interior?

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