08 October, 2010

"Michael Smith . . . "


For me to profess my great admiration for the amazing work of Michael S. Smith will come as very little surprise to anyone reading this blog with any regularity.  He is, in fact, kind of a genius.  So, as I continue working my way through the alphabet - I gotta take a moment - since we're up to the letter "S" - and peruse through the portfolio of the talented Mr. Smith.

Enjoy . . .

The colour palette is always SO beautiful.
And you should also see his amazing collection of textiles.


ps.  and if you're not ready for a huge posting for the letter "t," you've not been paying attention.


Splendid Sass said...

I LOVE Michael Smith. My favorite image is the dining room with the light blue. That bathroom isn't bad either. Smith is a genius.
Have a great weekend,

House of Brinson said...

That first photograph is in my dream house in PA. Love the style!

Cristin @ Simplified Bee™ said...

I love his work too.... can't wait to see what he did to the white house. Hopefully one day we will get some images.


Karena said...

Sumptuous! Michael Smith, I must see his textile collection.

Thanks Scott!


Art by Karena

Design Elements said...

I agree, beuatiful color palette! happy weekend!

Pat Harmanci said...

Ok, Scott, Michael Smith is getting good press. But I must say, I love YOUR work! You would be who I'd select to do my house.

Brillante Home Decor said...

I keep Diane Dorrans Saeks book on M.Smith open at various pages during the month. It is always inspiring ideas to put in my work in a smaller scale of course.
"T"...maybe I am guessing already...looking forward to it.

Mona Thompson said...

Love it!!!! The really greats are not about all white rooms and gray and grain sacks. No trends here.

VoiceTalk said...

I really admire his work, and as you note, the use if color- he is a master at that. As well, the integration of modern elements with antiques. But more than anything, his English Country House Style is perhaps better than even Nancy Lancaster pulled off- another American!

mydesignchic said...

Michael Smith's work is amazing - I can't decide which is my favorite image...I love them all!!

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