27 March, 2010

"Zzzzzzzzzzz . . . "

Albert Hadley


I'm exhausted.

No really.

*fluffs down pillow*

Too much traveling.

*takes sip of herbal tea*

Too many parties.

Too much fun.

Too little sleep.

*gets teddy bear*

So today is going to be about some aggressive napping.

And sleeping.

*closes draperies*

And lounging.

And pampering.

*dims lighting*

And getting ready for the new week.

*puppy snore noises*


Patricia Torres said...

Oh wow!! the beds are soooooooooo inviting..

Mrs. Blandings said...

You poor darling, you do need some rest. So fun to see you last week.

tartanscot said...

@Patricia T - there's nothing like a beautifully made bed - to dive into and relax the weekend away.

tartanscot said...

Mrs. B.

I am SO delighted to have met you in person. My long-standing crush on you has increased exponentially. I'm glad we had a chance to chat - and that you were there to protect me from the paparazzi. lol.

Karena said...

Great images Scot, you do need some rest, I know it was a whirlwind!

Oh and Giveaway is up on my site!

Art by Karena

Anonymous said...

Please give us a close-up shot and/or some info on the picture hanging over the bed that is 3rd from the top of your blog. Is that a black and white pillow fight?! It looks like a really fun picture. Can you give us more info?

tartanscot said...


It's an image of The Beatles from photographer Harry Benson. You can see more about it here :



Amanda said...

Ha ha! You are hilarious! Love the rooms you posted. Makes me want to get back into bed and call it a day.

xx Amanda

The Devine Life said...

Like the concept of aggresive napping. I could get a gold medal in that for sure.

tartanscot said...

Devine Life - here's how I think we can classify it -

"bronze metal napping" - simply falling asleep in the middle of the afternoon.

"silver metal napping" - purposefully going home to take a nap.

"Aggressive Gold Metal Napping" - scheduling 'nap' on your iCal program as to not end up being productive by accident.


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