26 March, 2010

"I said NO Paparazzi . . . "

Greetings and Salutations,

Let me cast a word of warning before you delve into this particular blog posting. Though I live a gracious, somewhat quiet, little life here in San Francisco - there's really no way that I can tell you of my adventures in Los Angeles without dropping names with a frequency that would rival a gossip blog. It was a "Who's Who" of design. So, with that caveat clearly stated, let's proceed.

After my luncheon on Monday afternoon at Dawnridge, (and if you missed it, you can read more here) it was back to the hotel for a quick shower and wardrobe change before meeting Ronda for dinner - and heading out to Kathryn Ireland's delightful home. She is, of course, a marvelous hostess - and her home was everything I could imagine. A literal feast for the textile obsessed. In some ways it felt like one of those parties you had in high school. You know, when your parents were out of town. And you just invite a few people over. But, everyone seems to find out. Beautiful home. Great food. Great company. Late night. Deep sleep.

Tuesday afternoon was a little blogging get-together at "The Ivy." Megan (aka Beachbungalow8) and I have shared several long meals together - but, this time Patricia (aka Mrs. Blandings) was going to join us. Patricia and I have been chatting online for almost a year - and I was giddy with excitement at the prospect of meeting her. Well, she is as lovely and gracious (and hilarious!) as I could only hope for. And, yes, while we were waiting for our table - Jake (from The Bachelor) was leaving and the three of us were shoved out of the way by a pack (a mob?) (a flurry?) of paparazzi. It's part of the reason you go to The Ivy. There's almost always someone famous there - (even if only slightly famous in a TV reality-show kinda way!)

The three of us (Megan, Patricia, and I) had an hour or so to kill after our meal - so we hit the design shops! I may have to start traveling to LA more often. Great places!

Oh, but we're not finished yet - Tuesday night was a book signing party sponsored by Elle Decor (by the way - the new Elle Decor website ROCKS!) at the William Sonoma Home shop on Beverly. Packed. Really packed. But, from across the room I can see Eddie Ross and Jaithan - I knew they had just been in Kansas City - but, was delighted to see them in LA. Had a quick moment to speak to Margaret Russell - lovely and charming as ever. (I swear, we might be able to power a medium-sized US city on the amount of energy that woman has.) Ran into Christian May and Katie Denham. It was great meeting Joe Lucas. And Windsor Smith. And finally getting a chance to meet Brad Ford. But, just missed my chance to speak to Joe Nye (omg I'm such a fan - I was kind of stalking him.) He was already in line to pick-up his car at the door by the time I found him. Oh well. Next time.

Then we headed out for a late dinner . . . but, alas, that's yet another story. And will have to wait.



Karena said...

Oh, so envious!! How could it have possibly been more fun!

Art by Karena

Paloma {La Dolce Vita} said...

It sounds like you had a fun and fabulous whirlwind trip! It is always so wonderful to meet other bloggers and designers you admire.

Mrs. Blandings said...

I would line up with a camera to see you every time. And, still think you should have worn the shorts.


I am glad you had so much fun - I was in LA last week and I had a bite of Tinsel Town :)

tartanscot said...

@Patricia -

those shorts were about 4 shades of pale, and 30 flights of stairs away from going public . . . next time, I promise - you'll see some skin . . . lol.

(when I saw Patricia on Tuesday - I was considering wearing a new pair of M. Bastian shorts to the Elle Decor party that night - but, alas, it was not to be - lol)

red ticking said...

it sounds like you had such a great time... and i have to laugh at the shot from the ivy... we were there a few weeks ago and we saw nicolette sheridan .. cameras flashing... so fun... you can't eat there and not have drama... i love that jake was there.. what a joker... mr hollywood!

an hour later we saw joan van ark... blast from the past.

must have a been a "knots landing" reunion in town.. ok, now i am dating myself...

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