20 March, 2010

"Touching the Stone . . . "


I'm wondering if I should just start doing a 'cut/paste' of the phrase 'well, it's been another busy week' into the header of my blog . . . lol. And I'm at my desk on a Saturday afternoon, finishing a few details and enjoying the quiet and solitude. And the productivity. All of the various projects here at the office seem to be moving along nicely. I have several clients hosting parties in the next few weeks - and that ALWAYS gets everyone excited and very focused. There's nothing quite like hosting friends in your home to assure that everything will get accomplished before 'the date' arrives.

And the project at my place is moving forward with decisions being made left, right, and center. The new armchairs for the bedroom are finished. And my custom designed sofa is in production. As well as a wonderful set of dining chairs the I've designed for one of my clients.

There are several aspects of a regular 'client' project that rarely affect a project in my own home. The 'time factor' being one of them. I'm much more willing to live in the middle of the chaos, than I would EVER ask one of my clients to do. But also, because it's the interior of my own space, the decision making process can move much quicker - it's not like I have check calendars to schedule a meeting to approve a new textile when I find something amazing - I see it. I like it. I buy it. So the process is a bit more 'fluid' than usual.
So, because things can move so quickly - I frequently look back through my stack of "favourite rooms." Back to my touchstones. Making sure I'm not swaying off target. Losing my sense of the space. I'm not really looking at the 'nouns' - I have no interest in copying anything, or reproducing a room. This is not an exercise in seeing how things look.

I always look for the 'adjectives.' What I love about these rooms
is how they feel. Warm. Elegant. Inviting. Dramatic. Detailed.

Maybe even exuberant.

Or classically gracious.

Or just simply beautiful.

Roger Banks-Pye

Or maybe it's a picture of one of my favourite rooms ever. A riot of pattern.
A simple colour story. And a perfect place to dream - and to
awake to greet the new morning.

I love when new clients have a file of their favourite rooms. But I'm truly fascinated to discover the 'emotional through-line' of these various pictures. They can say less about where we live - and much more about how we live.

Have a look through your pictures over the weekend. But remember, they're pictures of other people's homes. See if you can find something new in them. Something personal. Something specific. Something that reflects the way that you live.

Let's play a little game - leave me a comment about your house. But, you can only use adjectives.

happy hunting,

ps. And my apologies to the ever brilliant Tobi Fairley - whose work I love - that first image from this post is her work - and not that of Eric Cohler (whose name I had it filed under.)


La Petite Gallery said...

My Goodness, I don't know what I like best. Very wonderful rooms.
That wall paper in the bedroom is great.


Tom said...

LOVE the chandeliers!

Acanthus and Acorn said...

Classic, comfortable, collected!

Some of your favorite images are some of mine!

cassandra @ coco+kelley said...

I'm with Acanthus! These are some of my absolute favorites as well! That Vicente Wolf is so timelessly amazing... and the Miles Redd with the striped walls is genius!

EAC said...

So impatient to see the reveal of your apartment, but I keep wondering what it will look like at Christmas.

As for my house adjectives, we moved in two years ago, so...

Progressing toward me.

GrannySmithGreen said...

You said it all, "Warm. Elegant. Inviting. Dramatic. Detailed."

Karena said...

Scot, love the Cohler image, all are favorites of mine. Wish you could have been here yesterday with us! Fun time!

My home...comfortable haven comes to mind.


Tara Dillard said...

Not the nouns the adjectives. Fabulous perception.

Landscapes are no different. I ask clients for pics of gardens they like & don't like. Most already have the 'like' file.

How I adore those. Deciphering how the gardens FEEL. Yes, there is always a thread. Client may live in a ranchburger but love the NYCity penthouse terrace.

Fun creating the translation.

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

Ms. Smart said...

sassy. artsy. urban energy. chic. regal. dark. sparkle. red. leopard. foliage. abstract. wood. stories.

sharon said...

So glad to have found your blog, I became a follower. Love your adjective game. I'd go for comfortable, friendly, coloured, elegant, and not-always-tidy.

Is that allowed?


Cote de Texas said...

that eric picture - that is on tobi fairley's web site. weird. are you sure it's eric????

tartanscot said...

Eeeeek . . . I've had it filed with my images of Eric's work - let me fix that right now - thank you for catching my error.


Tobi Fairley said...

Hi Scot,

I am just now seeing this post. Thank you so much for counting my work as one of your faves. No problem about the mixup. I am flattered to be confused with the talented Eric Cohler.

Love your blog as always!

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