19 March, 2010

"The Talented Mr. O'Brien . . . "


Good lord - how marvelously talented is Thomas O'Brien? Seriously. And his new book American Modern is being released. Can't wait? Here are a few images . . .

There is a great article in the latest issue of Canadian House and Home - with some great new shots of Thomas' place on 57th in New York. I swear, Thomas must change his apartment as often as I do - lol. But, a warm, comfortable aesthetic is a constant. A collection of beautiful textiles. And an ever expanding collection of artwork.

Beautifully layered. A great mix of classical and modern. Nicely edited art collection.

"The point of making a home with so much to look at was to relax
into the whole collection as something unfolding. I didn’t
acquire these things overnight. It took time to study and source
and wait for the right examples of favorite works. And I have
enjoyed each piece as it comes, observing how it settles in my space."
- Thomas O'Brien, from House and Home Magazine

A perfect example of clean masculine design.

"This circa 1950 Francis Bacon painting study marks a moment
when I was moving into a more serious level of collecting, buying
work by modern masters. I bought the worn first edition of
Berenice Abbott’s book Changing New York in a junk shop
years ago, when I was just starting out. To me, the book is
just as meaningful as the painting."
- Thomas O'Brien



Karena said...

Scot love the profile. Thomas is wonderfully cognizant of his design lean and surroundings.
I am now a follower, come see me!

Art by Karena

Balsamo Antiques and Interior Design said...

he is the best at what he does
great great style
cant wait to get
the book

melissa said...

The book is gorgeous - I browsed through it at Anthem last weekend. I think it might be out on pre-release. Amazon has it in their ranks already...



Thanks for the scoop on Thomas O'Brien's upcoming book. I will definitely have to check it out. I enjoy reading your blog and invite you to visit mine at www.lpcdesigns.blogspot.com. Have a great weekend.

margot said...

just about fainted when I received the preview PDF of the book a while back. Now have it in hard copy. Was gutted when I learned that House & Home was granted an exclusive on coverage of the book in Canada -- but that's the way they feel the need to do business. Personally I think there's room in the sandbox for all of us to play. Anyhoo, doesn't change how much I love the book. Nice tribute and post.

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