14 September, 2009

"An Irishman in Florence . . . "

Greetings and Salutations,

Maybe it's just a bad case of having 'fashion on the brain' after seeing "September Issue" over the weekend . . . but, seriously, how fabulous is the wonderfully chic Florence studio of world-famous handbag designer Pauric Sweeney?  

"Pauric Sweeney, 36, is an enigma. The softly spoken 
Irish-born designer is all tall, thin and brooding, 
in a Gallic kind of way, with an almost laddish sense 
of humour. Yet he is responsible for some of the 
fashion world’s most sensual and seriously 
lusted-after handbags"
                                              - The London Times

For additional information and images of Sweeney's Studio and Home have a look here.  And for another great interview, check here.

Off to another busy week,


GrannySmithGreen said...

One word: CEILING!

Scott Fazzini said...

I almost peed myself with excitement. That's a perfectly lovely studio...

AB HOME Interiors said...

You cannot have a studio this fab and not be creatively inspired. I could work magic in this room!

Dawn said...

What an amazing studio with incredible ceilings. He was clever to pair the space with antiques and Ikea bookcases. Lovely.

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