"The Colours of the Ocean . . . "

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My ongoing personal challenge - whenever I'm posting about a project from Michael Smith - is to attempt to keep my obsequious fawning down to a dull roar.  But, I should also state, I believe he's an absolute genius.  

This particular project (from a recent Elle Decor), in Malibu on the Southern California coast opens directly onto the Pacific Ocean.  I'm truly in awe  the wonderful colours in the house.  The great variety of blues, from a musky slate blue to the clear, bright blue of the ocean sky.  The ivories that feel almost like alabaster or afternoon clouds.  The contrast with the rich corals.

the design is much more of a melting pot. “The floors are 
simple, and the walls are monochromatic, but we 
have an eclectic mix of furnishings without 
any studied emphasis or period."

Wonderfully cozy.  Beautiful detailed.  Practically perfect.

More of the luxurious palette of blues reigns in one of the guest rooms.  And I love that there are always masses of books in almost every room.  The warm, evening glow from the antique lanterns and the feel of the Tabriz rug under foot.

“Everything has its own story and its own strength, but 
when you put them all together, the effect is quite 
soft,” Smith explains. “The place has a lot of very 
rare objects in it, but it also has a looseness.  People feel really 
comfortable here. The sweep of the land is extraordinary, 
but the house itself manages to retain a human scale and sensibility.”
- Michael Smith

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London Calling said…
Peaceful, yet layered. Something I think is difficult to achieve.
Smith is so talented. His combination of textures and styles is spot-on. This particular project is quite calming.

If I climbed into that bed, I'd never want to get out.
beth said…
Unknown said…
so i hate to go against the grain here in the michael smith worship- i *like* his work but don't *love* it- but this project was exceptionally pretty, so even i was a fan...
Laura said…
I know this is a slightly odd thing to fixate on, but I really love the ceilings in these images...

. . . and I love a beautifully coffered ceiling as well.
So many people think that "beachy" means all blue and beige with a few seashells tossed around. I love that Smith recognized the nuanced palette of the ocean. Even his use of classic colors like blue has such a great range, from the muddiness of water mixed with sand to clear blue sky. Definitely swoon-worthy.

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