" Grrrrrrrrr . . . "

Good morning y'all,

The good news - I've survived the holiday weekend with flying colours.

1.   The client's party in Palo Alto went off without a hitch.  And lots of great feedback on the project.  (Of course, I was in 'design mode' during the party as well . . . and I noticed a few changes that we need to make to help the house flow a tiny bit better.)  

2.  Great trail run on Sunday with barely any muscle issues or sunburn - lol.

3.  Back in the office and feeling REALLY inspired.

The bad news - 

1.  The house is in a shameful mess.  seriously.

2.  I have a huge pile of work to slog through today to finish getting ready for a big meeting tomorrow.

3.  I have another marketing meeting this afternoon for the new website . . . and need to get some storyboards together - and write some website text.

4.  I noticed that I have been blogging shamefully rarely these last few weeks.  I've been searching for a topic that moves me . . . or inspires me . . . or amuses me . . . or feels worth writing about.  Grrrrrrr.  It's either just simple 'writer's block,'  or (and I suspect this might be it), I'm directing all of my creative energy towards my own design work these days.  Yeah, let's say that's it.  

So, here's a general 'howdy' to everyone out there.  Yes, I'm still alive.  And except for my messy house, things are moving along nicely.  


I always look forward to a post, even if they are a little few and far between. Your still on the top of the list for being the first one to get the wedding dance on you tube to me :) Good luck with the mess!

just here sitting at my desk taking a break from the 'where in the hell should the piano go' space planning project this afternoon - and laughing out loud. thank you.

Unknown said…
Well I feel honored you took the time to drop us a quick note. My day was unfortunate. I installed some accessories for a client last Friday. She returned about 80% of them today. I found out through a friend that she had a party on Saturday. I charged her for time spent and a fee for four damaged items that she returned. She is threatening to sue me because I'M being unfair and charging exorbitant rates. I hate that it takes the creative fun part away from this job. And makes me have a love/hate relationship with design.

Unfortunately, there's 'design' and then there's the 'design business.' Ugh. Trust me I know.

Sorry to hear that you're having challenges with your client. Clearly, the fact that you were not told about the event in advance says a great deal.

Hang in there,
AlwaysMe said…
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Thinking of you super Scooter! Maybe we need to get together to reinvigorate our blogging. I need a bit of inspiration--and time! Hope all is well!
I can relate. Fortunately I can ignore the state of the manse. At least until I turn around.

My trick for writer's block is to either go for a walk, or just start writing anything. Eventually something works its way to the top.

Good luck with everything.
Blog Author(s) said…
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