"Sidebar . . . "

Good morning all,

Just need to take a few moments away from the regularly scheduled design inspirations and my clearly unending obsession with the lighting and textiles for my home.

OK, sidebar - I have really great skin these days . . . but, there's been a kinda complex mathematical equation that has brought me to my new tiny-pored, burnished complexion.

Step 1. Buy new car. (see above)

Step 2. Start listening to Sirius Satellite Radio (obsessively).

Step 3. Begin planning your day around being in the car during the early afternoon (here on the west coast) to listen to "Whatever with Jennifer and Alexis" on Martha Stewart (Channel # 112). The show is hilarious. Seriously.

Step 4. and "viola," you'll end buying a Clarisonic Skin Brush. God, I love this thing. The girls (the aforementioned Jennifer & Alexis) spend a goodly amount of time advertising this little elixir of beautiful skin . . . and now I know why.


DesignTies said…
Do you find that you're regularly touching your soft, smooth face and stopping to look at yourself in the mirror?! That's how I am when I'm happy with a face product! I'll have to check this one out because now that I'm in those mid-40s I have LOTS of work to do on this poor face of mine!
Victoria from EdinDesigns @ DesignTies
I love gadgets! gosh I think I will need this one. (lol)
You should add to your Carisonic brush the Wonder Bar....then you will not be able to contain yourself! It is a miracle bar...I have never seen anything like it.

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