13 March, 2009

"Meet me at Battersea . . . "

Good morning,

The design district was all a-buzz last evening with the grand opening party for Will Wick's amazing Battersea.  The event was stunning.  The retail space on the first floor was packed with 'finds' from around the world; vintage artwork, fantastic lighting, daring accessories, and furniture from across the globe.  The evening also included a ride up in a darkened freight elevator to the Wick Design Group offices (on the 3rd floor of the building) to find the large, open-plan space with a jazz combo and fantastic nibbles.

"Wick has a knack for subtly re-purposing objects or reviving a piece of furniture with new upholstery.  'I like to give antiques a more contemporary look' "

"Battersea's ever-changing mix might include dental cabinets, African tribal hats, French textbooks, London bus scrolls and American folk art that he's unearthed at flea markets and auction houses around the United States and the world."

Next time you're in San Francisco, be sure to stop by.  You're sure to find the perfect thing!

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images: from the Battersea website,


ALL THE BEST said...

It's all great!!!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic, love the framed vintage subwaysigns.

Meade Design Group said...

That looks like a very fun store.

Anonymous said...


I had to miss the party!

I need to go by the shop and see all the new goodies.

Anonymous said...
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