"Count to Six . . . "

Thanks to Michele over at My Notting Hill for tagging me on the "Six Interesting Things About You" list that seems to be moving throughout the design blogs . . . lol. Let's see what I can come up with?

1. I have no sense of smell. Seriously, none. No roses. No dog poop. Nothing. It seems to be genetic on my mother's side of the family. There are several people on her side of the family (including my mother) who can't smell.

2. I've been singing opera with the San Francisco Lyric Opera Chorus for the last five years. It's a great small opera company that focuses on the classic repertoire. I'm kind of a ham . . . and love being on stage - singing really loudly in Italian. lol. The good part is that I've been performing with the company long enough that now I'm singing Rigoletto for the second time - opening in about six weeks.

3. I workout every morning. and can do 84 sit-ups in 60 seconds. lol.

4. If I could figure out a way to make a living . . . I would move to London. Seriously, I could be at the airport today.

5. I can't decide which textile to use for the new cloth for my dining room table. It's been over four months and I can't make a decision. You'd think that someone who designs all day, everyday, could pick a damn fabric. ugh.

6. I'm a huge fan of Sci-Fi TV. Doctor Who, Torchwood, and my beloved Battlestar Galactica. (For you unfamiliar with the show, one of the main characters, played by the ever so lovely Tricia Helfer, is named "Six." hence . . . her photo here.)

Let's see . . . who shall I tag to be next ?

1. ArchitectDesign
2. GrannySmithGreen
3. PigtownDesign
4. RedTicking
5. EasyandElegantLife
6. Mr.Peacock



Pigtown*Design said…
i am sure i can out-who you! my car is in the cybermen, part ii episode! they filmed "are you my mummy" across the street from my house in cardiff. i used to see billie piper and chris eccleston all over town.
Oh no! i'm so bad at these! i'll give it a whirl though! Thanks for thinking of me!!!
My goodness gracious. I've got to get thinking. Thank you for thinking of me. Give me some time...
alrighty P-Town . . . we can BOTH be huge "doctor who" fans without any kind of competition breaking out. lol.
but, the fact that they filmed "Are you my Mommy?" near your house fills me with jealousy. lol.
red ticking said…
oh my goodness... my head is spinning! how can we ever top your list?? ok, i agree....give me a little time and i thank you...so sweet.
My Notting Hill said…
That was a seriously quick turn-around! I can see what you mean about the lack of sense of smell going both ways.
My Notting Hill said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
No better city than London.
Hmmm. Back in a bit.... Thanks for the tap.
London Calling said…
I'm with you on the London (of course) Dr. Who and Torchwood are not to be missed around here. Thanks for your well wishes.
Mr. Peacock said…
I love London too!
How do all the Brits get to work here?
We need to start an exchange program!
Unknown said…
I know exactly what you mean about indecision when it comes to your own home in #5. I think it is an occupational hazard that comes with the territory.

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