20 March, 2009

"Pick and Choose . . . "

Good morning,

I've got one of those ubiquitous crazy-busy days today, but wanted to get you some updates on things in the 'tartanscot' world.

1.  Photographer is booked for April 1 for my place.  Yes, I'm shooting my house on 'April Fool's Day.'  It's either a sign of a fun day - - or the harbinger of doom.  Things are coming along rather nicely.  Just waiting to get the new sconces installed in the bathroom.  

2.  Big delivery for a client this afternoon.  Hopefully, the freight elevator will be back up and running by noon.  Or it's gonna be a long day.  Fingers crossed.  lol.

3.  I hate the new facebook homepage.  There.  I said it.  I'm attempting 'twitter.'  We'll see.

4.  Yay!  I think this is going to be the new carpet for my bedroom.  Chinese needlepoint.  Perfect colours.  Fabulous.

*UPDATE*  not only was the elevator being naughty,  but it broke down between floors while the delivery guys and the furniture were loaded and trapped inside.  The 30 minute delivery took about 3 hours.  lol.  (disclaimer :  no delivery men or furniture were injured or damaged during the production of this blog post.  thank you.)


Studio News said...

Your portfolio is simply divine so I can only imagine your home!

Looking forward to seeing the photos.


tartanscot said...

aw . . . thanks Stacey.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Exquisite carpet.

I look forward to the, sure to be, delicious photos of your home!

red ticking said...

happy day.. think good thoughts... and i cannot wait to see your home! pkg was rtned to me... sending back to you...tag, you're it!
p.s. dont understand twitter...pls shed some light...

A Super Dilettante said...

This is such a beautiful rug! I've seen a similar kind of rug featured in The interior decor book, Farrow and Ball: Art of Colour by Brian D. Coleman.

I recently read a book which you might be interested. It's called "Tartan: Romancing the Plaid: by Jeffrey Banks". If you haven't got it, please do take a look at it. It has a splendid collection of famous designers and how they are inspired by Scottish tartan designs for interior decoration as well as clothes design! It's available on Amazon online (only in US). This book is such a rare gem.

tartanscot said...

Hey Super Dilettante!

thanks for stopping by the blog! And, YES, I love that book. It is one of my go-to books when I've had a long day and need some inspiration.

LadyeLisa said...

What a gorgeous carpet! You're right--perfect colours.

Patricia Gray said...

Oh those poor delivery guys trapped in the elevator!! Murphy's law at work.

ravishing_toes said...

Great choice! I love it! Go Green!

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