04 March, 2009

"Nose - pressed firmly to grindstone"

Greetings and Salutations,

I'm having one of those 'too many things on the to-do-list' days. The good part is that the firm is busy and there's more work on the horizon. I just need to stay 'on task' and stay ahead of the work-load.

But, before I dive back into the pile of papers and fabric samples on my desk, let's take a moment to revel in the beauty of Ralph Lauren's office/study at his estate in Bedford. I've always LOVED this house. I worked as a stylist/designer for Ralph Lauren for 13 years before opening my own firm, so it's kind of in my DNA at this point. lol. If you're a big Ralph fan, his new home collection line is opening in his retail stores around the country. Go in and have a look . . . let me know your favourites!

back to work,


GrannySmithGreen said...

So funny that you worked for RL. I thought of the absolutely beautiful ad campaigns of theirs when I first your apartment in previous posts. Actually, I thought of that particular room of RL's. You obviously do have it in your blood! Best of luck with your work load and glad you liked the English cottages and kitchens.

Anonymous said...

Ralph Lauren new home collection line is gorgeous.

Love the Modern Equestrian collection.

ArchitectDesign said...

I'm a HUGE ralph fan! I can't visit NY without going to the top floor of the mansion on Madison and checking out the housewares department!

red ticking said...

my head is spinning.. i feel like i need to know that someone else feels the same... work is busy and i am grateful but need to slow down a bit... love ralph...met him 6 years ago and he offered me a job...almost left red ticking to work with him...could not move to nyc...and i have dreamed of working with him my whole life...could not do it... love my life now.
your swatches are in the mail today - can you pls reconfirm your address for me?

thestyleadvisor said...

Incredible study, I can definitely see the reflection in your own work. However, very few people can actually put it together as great as yourself!

Anonymous said...
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