14 April, 2011

"Studying . . . "


Quite often I'm asked from where these little musings come.  And, of course, there's rarely an easy answer to that question.  Sometimes it's an interesting trend that I've noticed in a design magazine.  Or a movie or concert that I've recently seen.  But, most often, it's directly connected to things happening here in the office.

Sometimes we're measuring for light fixtures.  Sometimes I'm toiling at my desk, designing custom furniture for a client.  And clearly, sometimes I'm just staring at the grass outside - lol.

But, for the last few days I've been researching traditional English studies and libraries.  I have two current clients in need of the classic style and easy elegance of these amazing spaces.  A place to retreat from the hectic day.  Escape into an amazing novel.  Or just sit and survey the memories of a lifetime of travel.

Chatsworth House, 1995

SMW Design, Nob Hill (photo credit - Nicolas Smith)
Ralph Lauren Home Collection, Fall 2008
SMW Design, San Francisco(photo credit - Nicolas Smith)

The Library of Gil Schafer
Duff House, Scotland
Ralph Lauren's home, from Architectural Digest
(photo credit - Durston Saylor)

SMW Design, San Francisco
(photo credit - Nicolas Smith)
Darin Geise, for San Francisco Magazine
(photo credit - Philip Harvey)
SMW Design, Nob Hill  (photo credit - Nicolas Smith)


AlwaysMe said...

Don't forget to look at Yves St. Laurent's library. Not English per say, but so much inspiration (if a bit over the top and overwhelming)!
How lucky you are to have these projects pending! They sound fun.

Renée Finberg said...

oh this is just too much!!!
simply divine in every cozy, and tasteful way.

thank you cc

Maggie O said...

I like what your studying better than what I am studying...can we swap? Ralph Lauren does it like no other and your style is your own yet along those same classic lines. Old English/ Scottish is a wonderful "style" with all the natural elements of wood, stone, wool (read tartan) silk and the great muted primary colours along with the warmth of it all. Lucky you.

Penelope Bianchi said...

Ralph Lauren is a genius. No question. His spaces don't "ring true' to me.
I am Scottish....(Leith and others; and English and Irish heritage) 10 generations ago or something.....

But Ralph seems "fake" to me. It doesn't "ring true"!
I figured out why. I went with a guide through private houses in Scotland......and I saw the "real thing".

Scottish houses ; are the real thing....and it is so obvious! Big Fat and Huge difference.

Most of the houses we visited were surprised we were there! Why would you Americans want to see this old "pile"? Wow ......I learned so much!

Nothing new....Everything collected and treasured from ancestors. Worn out rugs...piled on top of each other and at angles.....Divine beyond! Not a stage set. Lives lived.......and layers added......it was simply the most wonderful learning experience!


Perfect. The real deal.

Merlin said...

Nob Hill speaks to me like no other. That's what a novel does.. franki

terrybrowder@saylesranch.com said...

You the man! If any designer is right for this look, SMW is the man! Books, books, books...stage set or real deal/new or old--doesn't matter. You've got the style to pull it off. However it comes out, it will be genuine and creatively resolved. Can't wait to see it!

Linda in AZ * said...

Scot~ Was it YOU who loved and was looking for a porcelain PARROT??? My memory's not as good as it USED to be, but I THINK it might be you~~~ If so, there is a pair of GREEN PARROTS in the new GUMPS catalogue (and NOT expensive, either!)...

Just wanted to let you know if it WAS you, or maybe, you know who WAS looking for them!?!?!?

Linda in AZ*

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Put me in Duff house, wrap me in tartan & I'd be good for a life-time. As long as someone brought me a cup of tea and a single malt scotch every so often.

Great post Scot!

Liz said...

I want to live in the Duff House, or at least get married there, its GORGEOUS!

akissfromthepast said...

I love this house!!! great posting!

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